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You know that ‘thing’ it’s late you’ve had a long day and it’s all running round your head, you’ve listening to people talk about issues that are both depressing and inspiring, and you think what can I do? That thing.
Yesterday, I attended the Save the Children bloggers conference. Save the Children is making a massive difference globally to poorer communities, developing those communities to support themselves. It is vital work, it requires not just money but Government support and initiatives from the Global community, it requires the developed nations to work with those less developed.
Vital to Save the Children’s work is campaigning work to apply pressure to the very people who can make a difference. As I type this, the fantastic Christine who blogs at Thinly Spread is in New York to apply pressure at the UN to meet with David Cameron; to quote Chris because she says it best:

Mozambique opened my eyes in a way that nothing on TV, radio, internet or newspapers can. The realisation that millions of people worldwide have no access to healthcare and what that means in reality, on the ground, won’t leave me.

I am flying to New York tomorrow evening after the Save the Children Blogging conference. I am going because I want to make more noise. I want David Cameron and the other world leaders to ensure that everyone has access to a health worker. Health workers save lives. Children are dying every day because they are out of reach of expert care and that is wrong.

Chris is part of the campaigning work for Health Workers, children die simply through lack of access to Health Workers.

The parent blogging community is loud, proud, diverse and vibrant. Children are dying from preventable diseases, in the Horn of Africa people are dying of famine. We take for granted that we can easily walk to our GP’s, a Health Visitor home visit, we have access to Midwives. We are able to take health care for granted. That should be same the world over.

The challenge is to support Chris by galvanizing the blogging community behind her, it’s been done before, we can do it again. The aim is by Tuesday when Chris will be making her noise, that she can also say; look Mr Cameron, between Saturday night and Tuesday at least 100 bloggers took time from their families, from their lives to blog a 100 words about how accessible health workers are to them or a great health worker who supported them, to appreciate. To say that this is how it should be everywhere, children should not die through lack of health workers. Simples.

So please blog 100 words, link it up at Michelle Mummy from the Heart Blog; I’m tagging people but if your reading this – don’t wait to be tagged, please just pitch in, every last voice makes a difference, each one applies a pressure, shares the message and tweet your post #healthworkers.
You don’t need all my preamble, you just need 100 words, here’s mine;

When I realised I was pregnant. I made an appointment and walked 10 minutes to my GP. Before my baby was born a health visitor came to my home. I did most of labour at home with two midwives. When the labour didn’t progress I took the short 15 minute drive to the local maternity unit, a team delivered my baby by C-section. My baby had his immunisations at my GP. When he develop an intolerance to fish and was sick until he quickly dehydrated we took him to local children’s hospital. As a family we take all this for granted, without all this, if we lived elsewhere in the world, would be still even be a family? Would I have survived labour? Without immunisations would he be healthy? Would he have survived dehydration? Without access to health workers, probably not.

At the very least: Sign the petition here: Take Action

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  1. Love In The Nest

    This was such a great idea, I really hope we bloggers can make a difference.
    Even when times are tough we have if so easy compared to so many million others. We are truely fortunate x

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  7. Erica Price

    You’re right we are very lucky here and most of the time we don’t even give it a thought. It’s good to appreciate it once in a while and even better to try to improve things for others.

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