Mummy, I really want a…..

“Mummy, I really want a skateboard” I cannot tell you how much this is music to my ears; because a brown and grey t’shirt has become the bane of my life. I don’t particularly like the colours and it has a horrible hole in the arm which Noo get’s great pleasure from sticking his thumb and fingers through.


Life according to my 3 and half year old; mornings begin before 6, pesto and pasta daily and he’d only wear this t’shirt. Because it has a motorbike on it. Motorbikes are what he loves best, but there’s a new fad in town. I’m not sure how I envisaged motherhood, but the reality of standing by a busy road and waving at motorcyclists wasn’t an aspect I’d anticipated.

Noo has manytoy motorbikes and a collection of t’shirt’s with motorbikes on the front. Initially, it seemed like a nice indulgence, so I brought the odd motorbike t’shirt. Until he decided, apart from occasionally placating me with a Spiderman t’shirt (Spiderman has a motorbike, we have a copy), he would only wear t’shirts with a motorbike on the front. The brown one is the favourite. I didn’t anticipate, either, that clothes would matter so soon in his short life and how hotly they can be debated first thing in the morning. There have been mornings, when I’ve opened my eyes from a deep sleep, Noo is standing over me, he’s half way through a ‘conversation’ about what he’s wearing today and clutching the brown t’shirt in a preemptive outfit strike.


Various t’shirts are rejected, due to a lack of a motorbike and, frustratingly, idle in a drawer doing nothing except becoming too small.

Then he discovered skateboarding and the obsession is beginning to shift. Basically, what makes me happy about skateboarding is that I’ve ‘styled’ a skateboarders wardrobe and he’s not noticed it’s all the t’shirts he previously refused to wear; oh the whims of a 3 and a half year old!

this is how a skateboarder dresses (what no motorbike?)

Hooray for skateboards! I have no intention of buying a single t’shirt with a skateboard on the front. But, the other adult in the house has a brought an ‘actual’ skateboard, it would be a long time before motorbikes could ever reach the same nirvana. It’s in the attic waiting for a 4th birthday. Skateboarding; apart from concussion and broken bones what could go wrong?


  1. Melksham Mum

    Oh my word, your boy looks sooooo cool. Cheeky grin and what fantastic hair. I bet he gets away with loads! Ha Ha!
    Luckily we haven’t hit the fads/clothing in our house – phew,sonds like a real pain!

  2. dichotomyof

    ha! fantastic post, he’s brilliant. Zeph recently announced he’s thought of something else (other than the DS he’s been nagging for all this year) for his birthday. A stunt skateboard but he’ll need a helmet and pads because he wants to learn to do a half pipe flip (?) at our local skatepark right away…and I’ll take him won’t I?
    I’m being manouvered aren’t I? between a rock and a hard place…

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