One of my Day Zero things was to eat Scallops. Ladies and gentlemen I have eaten scallops and I cooked them myself, which I found terrifying as they are expensive (nearly a fiver a packet) and I’ve never cooked them before. If you, like me have no idea what scallops are (but possibly that’s only me) Wikipedia provides all the answers here . I am a vegetarian who is happy to slaughter fish (no ones perfect) but I’m picky about fish which is probably why I’d got this far in life without scallops.
Lovely Nigel Slater provided the recipe, I cobbled together some bits from one of his other scallop recipes which involved a green salad and boiled Maris Piper potatoes which soaked up all the butter and so in rare moment of domesticity here is a recipe (Nigel’s actually):

Scallops with grilled with coriander and lime butter.
Combine 2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander leaves, 3oz butter (soften), juice of a lime. Once you have a buttery paste, brush a third of it across the bottom of a grill pan. Stick the (washed) scallops on the grill pan (2cms apart) and then pop the rest of the paste across the scallops. Cook under a medium/hot grill for 4-5 minutes (I knelt on the floor pulling the grill pan in an out every minute before finally calling Mr Noo for his expect opinion, it was stressful as I was desperate not to mess it up).

The scallops were melt in the mouth divine with a sort of pleasing bite and lingering flavour. I am a convert. Day Zero: 100 to go.


  1. grumpinator

    I have never eaten scallops either but I should maybe try and add that to my bucket list. I did once think they were the same as escalopes until I was laughed at in a restaurant! Embarrassing 🙂

  2. alysonsblog

    oh Im tempted to try them now – I have got this far by not eating them either – though I know how hugely popular they are – right thats it – Im doing scallops this week

  3. antoinette . (@divasupermum)

    i am the same as you a vegetarian who eats fish, i love sallops, but last time i cooked them it made me ill,my late husband was the only one that cooked them for me,i trust Nigel’s recipe was a good one and i am glad you enjoyed them

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