And thank you

I am flattered that I have been shortlisted for the Brilliance in Blogging awards in the Lit category which, and I quote; “celebrates the word on the page”. To have made it to the shortlist of 20 from the many brilliant blogs that are part of the Britmums community is a huge honour. I am very grateful, surprised and pleased, particularly for being shortlisted into the category for writing. I really do think other 19 in the category are all fantastic blogs and great writers. I owe a huge thank you to whoever voted me into the final 20.

It is so difficult to single out individual blogs but in order to share the love some of my favourites amongst the shortlisted categories are;

Thinly Spread
Mother’s always right
Adventures of a middle aged matron
Alexander Residence

I appreciate that I am really pushing my luck but if you have a spare five minutes and would like to vote for me in the BIBs, I would be very grateful (click here).

In for a penny in for a pound.

To push my luck even further; *ahem* did you hear about the party for MAD’s 2011? and the prizes for the MADs 2012?! (For the uninitiated it’s more awards).

MAD Blog Awards 2012

Oh my goodness is this a link to the nomination page?!

A final thought.

In my view, blogging is a wonderful thing. It allows anyone with access to the internet share their thoughts and their views and to connect with others. While the premise is simple the creation takes time and commitment and a certain ‘something’ to put yourself ‘out there’. That makes us all winners.

If you’ve reached the end of this post – I thank you.


  1. Deb at aspieinthefamily

    Congratulations Gemma; I was really pleased to see you had got through to the next round. As Emma says, your nomination is very well deserved. Thank you for mentioning me as well; I am equally delighted to get through and to be sitting alongside fantastic bloggers. Deb x

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