How do you wear your blogging pants?

I wonder if Clark Kent ever got fed up of all the double life drama. I’m hardly Superman, Supermum is a distant goal. I do have an alter ego, maybe less alter ego more secret extension of me; my blog. This blog began life in October 2010 and is still a secret, well…. sort of. Inevitably there are leaks and clues. Lacking in mild manners and less discreet than a super hero, over time I’ve shared it with one or two a few friends. I’m not sure how many of them actually read it. As with Superman there is no mask, spend time on the blog and it reveals aspects of the me, the bumbling Clark Kent of blogging. I actually wore fake glasses on my vlog in a Clark Kent style, as if that fooled anyone. “Gosh is the Gemma? No can’t be she doesn’t wear glasses. Nothing like her?!!” On occasion friends have stumbled across it of their own accord. Initially, I thought the sheer size of the internet would cover me but alas no. A friend started her own ‘secret’ blog and found mine. I’d love to point you in the direction her blog as it is a great blog but I’ve no idea who might be reading this. This is the internet it’s an open space. While I make no claims to be doing anything very useful here, I wonder how Clark accounts for his time when he should be at work but is instead holding up aeroplanes with one hand?

It isn’t super amazing but I am proud of this blog and yet it still it feels a touch self-indulgent. “What do you write about?” “What ever comes into my head – it’s kind of Me, Me, Me”.
I still feel strange about non-bloggers reading it, obviously other bloggers – that’s fine, they get it. They are doing a similar thing. Some, like Michelle, are actually putting the world to rights, one blog post at a time.

I’m shortlisted for the Bibs *cough* and of course I’m very pleased, just to be shortlisted it a wonderful achievement, particularly at the moment I am still unemployed it feels good to have achieved something. I should be shouting from the roof tops, instead I am quietly asking the few people who do know about it if they could spare a moment to please vote. To stand a chance I should get on a bicycle with a loud hailer and seek votes from anyone. “Vote for me, it’s all about me”. Who could resist? Or perhaps just post it on Facebook and risk it being read.

The community has been the unexpected bonus of blogging for me, the friends I’ve made through blogging. The friends that started in the virtual world and are now firmly a part of my real world; the Supergirls and Wonder Women. This is social media, it’s about being social and sharing. Over the next few weeks I have various events to attend which will put the social into my social media, I am looking forward to meeting other bloggers and more of my on-line world becomes intertwined in my real world.

Instead of messing about in telephone boxes I think I need to find the confidence to pop my pants on over my tights in public, say it loud and proud; “I blog…. and I don’t mind who reads it” (possibly).


Do you have an alter ego? or do you blog loud and proud? Blogging Superheros give me your thoughts. How do you wear your pants?


  1. yummystepmummy

    I haven’t been blogging for long and am still in the (hopefully) secrecy mode. I don’t really want my friends or work colleagues seeing it yet! I think I have one family member who follows me as I asked her to proof read it and give me her honest opinion. But at the mo, I am scared of friends or actually anyone who knows me personally reading it! x

  2. linzster

    I totally agree: the social, community aspect of blogging is such a wonderful boon! My blog is not private. My parents read it. My friends. I broadcast on Facebook. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. Sometimes, it’s not.

  3. bavariansojourn

    Lots of my family know, and a good few friends. But not all of my friends. I am not sure why really, like you I don’t really want to shout it from the roof tops. Interesting post 🙂 PS. I wrote shout tit from the roof tops then, I wouldn’t want to do that either…

  4. Michael Cargill

    I am definitely self-conscious about it and I would imagine most people are. It’s similar to anyone who plays an instrument or writes books; it is quite personal and so you have that niggling paranoia that people won’t like what you are producing.

    The words ‘blog’ and ‘blogging’ also sound utterly ridiculous.

    1. helloitsgemma

      they do sound ridiculous – maybe we could fine a ‘cool’ new name – in the way train cleaners are now called ‘cleansing operatives’
      I am an ‘internet scribe?’ doesn’t sound much better.
      ‘on-line author’? not as catchy as blogging.
      I think I need to try harder….

  5. Midlife Singlemum

    I tell everyone that I blog. “What do you do?” “I’m a teacher and a blogger – google Midlife Singlemum.” I can’t see the point (for me) of writing it unless the maximum munber of people read it. Except I don’t encourage my Mum to visit the blog especially, although she has found it on occasion.

  6. themummyadventure

    A few of my family and friends know but I don’t shout about it. I do have some blogging pants though, which very much resemble pjs and all my best posts come from them!

  7. Dollydaydreamxoxo

    I wear the same kinda pants you do lovely!!

    My blog is almost a mOnth old. I am secret. Even have a secret name. I feel as though I’ve created a whole new person!

    Will I come out of the blogging closet in the near future….who knows??

    My boyfriend knows (by pure accident) nObody else not even my mum knows. I kind of feel….embarassed? I’d hate for anyone I know to find it and know it was me….

    Unless… Might not be alone in this one… But if my log was hugely successful and I had lots of followers I wouldn’t care as I’d get to say ‘sO what, I’m good at it, a lot of peOple like it!!

    Any boggy buddies I have made friends with I have shared my name with them as feel it is very impersonal to try to build a friendship with someone who doesn’t even know your name!!!

    I may in the future have a change of heart and decide to reveal myself…

    For now though, I will remain as my super alter ego…Dollydaydreamxoxo xxx
    But for now I remain as dolly

    1. helloitsgemma

      Dolly – was just like you. I remember blushing horribly when my boyf found out. It is great to have an alterego sometimes. I have grown in confidence in the blog as a whole and that’s brought me further out of the closet! thanks for lovely comment Dolly

  8. Claire@Mummy Plum

    My blogging pants are most definitely on the inside, not the outside. As far as I’m aware, no one knows I blog. I like it that way. It sounds an odd thing to say, but I’m actually a very private person, at least on the ‘other side’ I am. If I thought people who knew me in ‘real life’ were reading my blog, I’m not sure if I’d enjoy writing it as much. Increasingly it’s getting harder though, as there are people I’ve met in this world I’d like to meet / do things with, but explaining how I know them, and they know so much about me, might be tricky.

    1. helloitsgemma

      thanks for comment. When I went to Cybermummy last year I told my friends it was a social media event to talk about twitter! obviously, I couldn’t say it was a blogging conference. Luckily none of them saw the press coverage.
      I did feel really odd when people I knew read it – very self conscious but that has worn off (a bit).
      Sometimes it’s nice to have your own personal/private outlet – enjoy it!

  9. Ali

    I don’t wear pants on the outside with my blog address on, though hang there is a idea 😉 but also quite happy if people I know come to my blog. I am proud to say I am totally me on my blog so actually anything I put there I am happy to share. Anything I’d only share with a few chosen ones, well that the way it’s stays.

    The perhaps another blog and being Clark could be fun 🙂 xxx

    P.S I did mentally question the glasses.#strangebuttrue x

  10. Bibsey Mama (@BibseyMama)

    Ooops! I am in a state of undress when it comes to blogging pants!
    I am half in and half out of the blogging closet. At first I didn’t want to tell people I knew because I wanted to see if I would really make a go of it first. And then I felt a bit like an idiot telling people that I was blogging. It felt a bit self indulgent, like you said. I wonder if people think ‘what’s she doing that for? Clearly she has too much time on her hands.’ Now lots of family and friends read my blog and I like that.
    I keep it anonymous because it’s not just about me, it is also about my daughter, her dad and I do talk about family and friends. Because of that I do not use my own name and I am purposefully vague about where we live.
    But, since you were wondering last time you were over at mine Gemma, my name is Sophie.
    Funny thing is that sometimes I feel freer to be honest about myself, how I am feeling and what is really going on with me when I am commenting on other people’s blogs. I guess I imagine that certain people are less likely to find me there…

    Sorry for long comment (longest ever). This is a really interesting talking point for me.

    Yours secretively
    BM 😉

    1. helloitsgemma

      *waves madly* hello Sophie. That made my day!
      I am the same I often share stuff on comments that would never make it on to here – for the same reason.
      I too think this is interesting, I love all the comments and different attitudes and views – it is fascinating.

  11. Notmyyearoff

    I do have an alter ego which is my blog too! Only 3 real life people know about it. I do consider coming out every now and then but not been brave enough yet. One day I will though!

  12. anna tims (@ageingmatron)

    I told all my friends when I started blogging in October because I assumed they’d be my only readership. It cramps my style somewhat but I’m glad of that. It would be all too easy to breach confidences or hurt feelings to boost stats if you thought you were totally anonymous. Being a journalist means that I’m used to putting stuff out there and receiving reactions, so I was never tempted to furtiveness. But I’ve been amazed at how warm and welcoming the parent blogging community is compared to newspaper readers and how glorious it is to write for oneself without editors and subs and green-ink nit-pickers.

    1. helloitsgemma

      I guess if your used to writing in public – it’s natural to share. The community is a fantastic aspect and making connections has been the best aspect for me and am glad you have found the same.
      You are on my list of: ‘people I would like to meet at Britmums Live’

  13. Mummy Central (@Mummy_Central)

    This is something I’ve thought about many times.
    I don’t blog ‘loud and proud’ but I always consider that the people I’m writing about might actually stumble across the blog. And I live in a small town.
    Like you, I have friends and acquaintances who know about Mummy Central.
    Even today, I’ve ranted about a mum at my son’s primary school. I think it’s unlikely she’ll ever read it – but before I publish I have to be sure that I can take the heat if she does.
    Donna x

  14. Perfecting Pru

    I love this post. I thought it bad it before bed last night and this morning. So, my parents know and a few people know that I ‘blog’ but I don’t think some of them understand blogs and none of them are reading it. If I want to put down my feelings on something I dont necessarily want everyone knowing about it at work the next day. I’m in two minds. I’m never ashamed about what I blog about (gardening and cooking) but I suppose I like it being a bit more secretive.

    And I find the question about what I blog about quite hard to answer, as the answer is ‘I blog about me’ and then it sounds self-absorbed, but I love looking back to this time last year and seeing what I did and then I think of it more as a diary.

    Oh my goodness, this is turning into a confessional!

    Love the post Gemma.


    1. helloitsgemma

      it’s a lovely comment thanks Pru.
      I’ve never wanted ‘work’ people to read it – I guess the relationships feel different. but maybe you have nicer colleagues than I had.
      I think mine is less of diary – more of what comes into my head – either way it is that ‘self absorbed’ aspect that I struggle with too

  15. lenadoherty

    This as always, I’m going to do a post about this later so will link it to yours if that’s ok? Also *wispers* I’ve already voted *wink wink*. Good luck lovely x

  16. Asturian Diary

    I initially toyed with the idea of making my blog fully anonymous – until I realised that would take a lot of effort and ingenuity….and all for a blog that probably no-one would ever read anyway… Of course, someone unlikely found it about a week in, and has since told quite a few mutual friends (inc a certain ex-boyfriend in Pembroke…gah!) and my cover was blown almost instantly. So I decided not to care. If someone’s interested or ‘get it’ they’ll read. If not, they’ll forget about it. (Still have only actively told one or two friends…)
    You, my friend, should be shouting it from the rooftops….You blog and you’re awesome…:)
    Thanks for the shout out…..Mwah…..

    1. helloitsgemma

      am such a control freak – the people I have told I have sworn to secrecy… the bloke in Pembroke – he never goes on line anyway – does he??
      thank you – and you deserve a shout out – you are a wonderful writer and deserve to be read – am so happy so see you become part of the ‘community’ X

  17. Beadzoid (@Beadzoid)

    I long ago decided that it was pointless trying to stay in the closet – hell I even published my posts to my Facebook for a while there (NOT the PTSD phase, lol). It’s a difficult balancing act between trying to be yourself, but not the arts and all self you’d like to keep hidden. It’s all about hiding the crazy – ok, the really really crazy 😉

    So pants on the outside, but only the bestest cleanest pairs 😀

  18. mutteringsofafool

    It is very weird talking to friends and non bloggers about blogging isnt it? Almost the same as explaining twitter. Some of my friends know about my blog and my mum and MIL and my most avid readers, I do have to remind myself of this sometimes when deciding what to write 🙂

    1. helloitsgemma

      I think that’s it – it sounds so weird when you try to explain it.
      I’ve tried to explain twitter and people are often so scathing (despite not even trying it) that it puts me off then trying to explain blogging.
      I do love it that your Mum and MIL are avid readers. It is so easy to put stuff down and click publish so maybe it’s a good thing to have that little thought in the back of your head -‘ what would my MIL think?’ before anyone ‘clicks’ publish…

  19. Grenglish

    Hi Gemma, I am wearing my blogging pants inside out!
    I started this blog thinking it would only ever be read by family friends so was out there from the start and used it to share pics and stories about Zachy. Obviously, as I went on I discovered there was a whole blogging world and community that I had previously been completely oblivious to!

    So, I have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle.

    I can’t really share as much of the ‘other’ stuff going on in my life as I would like to at the mo because then ALL my family and friends will then know about it (not so much at work although still do not blog about work just in case!).
    When I signed up to twitter, I did not intend to use it for my blog – a. I had not started my blog and b. why would I share my blog with complete strangers?

    So, now other bloggers on twitter have no idea who I am or where I blog when they meet me.

    But, 13 months on and I obviously feel very differently!

    So, I can either start a secret blog and post about some of the bigger issues and share on twitter under a new @.
    Or, I just keep writing about sausages and wine and keep it for the purpose it was originally intended.

    1. helloitsgemma

      gosh – I started to respond to think and realised I sounded like an agony aunt. I think stay as you are as it works! I blog is a great place to rant/share bigger issues but so often these things can bite you in the bum.
      I do know of a blogger who has two blogs one everyone is familiar with and a second much for ‘secret’ one that on which she puts the ‘secret’ stuff not sure who reads it but sometimes that doesn’t matter. X

  20. michelle twin mum

    Ohh, thanks for the link, nice suprise. Putting the world to rights? lmao!

    Be interesting to see those pants over your trousers and the butterfly wings for BritMums – cool outfit!

    Well doen on the nominations. Mich x

  21. e1aine

    I started blogging to support someone else, so it was no secret. I’m really tempted to start a secret blog so that I can say what I really think without worrying.

    I’m a bit secretive about it though, I too thought that the vastness of the internet would protect me, then I found a neighbours blog and have now met someone through it. She’s nice!

  22. stephstwogirls

    Oh, all of the above! I had a bit of a shock recently when a school mum caught hold of me outside the ballet class and said how much she appreciated reading my blog as she otherwise would have no idea about the ‘special needs’ world… I had no idea she was reading it! And then I started wondering who else was reading it that I had ‘forgotten’ about (damn Facebook link ups being the problem 😉 ). I’ve often regretted sharing it with my parents and in-laws as there’s plenty of things I’d like to vent about there, but then I think back to my mother’s wise words – ‘you shouldn’t put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want anyone else to read’. Still so true, just wish I could remember that every time I blog 😉 Personally I would struggle so much to keep up another persona, or use different names, it would just give me a headache. Too honest or just not clever enough? Let me know when you’ve worked it out!!! I like the idea of a secret blog where you can say anything, but a) I don’t even have enough time to do my proper blog and b) paper and a lighter probably a far safer idea… 🙂

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