The Every Day

Our journey to nursery. A year ago I lost my job. Our mornings changed dramatically. From the pressure of being out of the house at a certain time. Into the car. Dashing back to grab forgotten items. Stress levels rising. On the accelerator to nursery. Drop. Wave. Gone. Next focus the traffic. The clock ticking. That routine was replaced by a walk, the hours are different and if we are little bit late, no problem, time is ours. My son scoots and I walk. We chat. In the past few weeks, at his request, (I am assuming it’s a boy thing) we have used to walk to learn the symbols and names of different makes of cars. His time at nursery is ending, soon to be replaced by summer holidays and then school in September. His understanding of letters and numbers has developed considerably. This morning we played I-spy, rather than “I-spy something blue”, we played with actually letters; T for tree. F for Ford. A for Audi. It made me smile a big proud Mother smile. I treasure the every day routine of our journey to nursery. I don’t remember much of my own time at nursery and I imagine school will create an explosion of new experiences, friendships and memories. I am very grateful for the every days I’ve had over the last year. The time for ordinary stuff. I appreciate it can’t last, but I am hoping the memories will.


  1. Ali

    I remember the ordinary from when I was little, it’s the ordinary things that are usually the best I find. I loved those nursery times with my two but having said that my two (13 & nearly 11) still play eye spy (mainly on car journey’s!) but we chat about loads of stuff while taking the dogs out. Bex’s favourite topic currently horse riding, guinea-pigs and of course the day to day stuff. Oscar is mad on insects so that is the hot topic but another favourite is imaging creating a new species of animal.

    Time is stricter once at school but then you make the most of the rest of the time!!!

    Love the picture, one happy chap. x x x

  2. I Heart Motherhood

    love this. my mornings are exactly like your old mornings used to be. I can’t stand that we have to hurry and I’m crotchety about them dawdling or taking time over things – I don’t want them to have this sense that everything has to happen quickly and you can’t take time over things – but I think that’s our world now. One thing I clearly remember about nursery is milk time! Those little glass bottles of milk and the blue straw I’d pierce through the foil.
    I also love the I-spy reference – we’re doing I-spy with colours and I also look forward to doing it properly with letters! ;0)

    1. helloitsgemma

      Parenting is such a juggle and working is an essential. I’ve been lucky. I didn’t expect this year to turn out as it did.
      I remember milk time too. Yesterday I was at school and they had a packet of those super slim straws – do they still have milk??

  3. notmyyearoff

    The first half really is like our mornings. Its just rush rush and then drop at my desk and then do a full days work…Then rush home and get ready for the next day. I would love that leisurely walk to school and nursery. Lovely pic

  4. Grenglish

    Bliss! I am very much still in rush mode in the mornings and I don’t like it at all. What a lovely time to spend together too.
    He is a total DUDE by the way, love his hair 🙂

  5. Victoria

    I walk everywhere and I used to love those walks to nursery, chatting about this and that, looking at bugs and walking with friends. Your son has splendidly curly hair.

  6. Chris at Thinly Spread

    Oh my! Our posts are very similar indeed! I love that picture of your boy, how gorgeous is he?! I am a BIG fan of the simple stuff, the everyday wonder and this post just sums it up. Lovely.

  7. TheMadHouse

    One of the best things for me about being a SAHM is the fact that we can spend quality time with each other two and from school. I love that I pick them up and the first thing they say is “can we go to the park” and I can say yes. It is the everyday things that make my life so enjoyable

  8. mymummylife

    I love school runs, too (when it’s not raining). People ask me why I always walk the mile there and back, but it gives me time to talk to The Boy properly – something very important, as he always disappears upstairs as soon as he gets home. I’m not sure the poor Baby, stuck in her pushchair for the best part of two hours a day, agrees…

  9. Jenny paulin

    How do you manage to do it to me Gemma? I have tears in my eyes at your last line. It’s true it’s the little things, those which seems so insignificant to others that a the important ones and the ones we cherish as parents.
    Another lovely reason to visit your blog xx

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