This summer sport is all about the Olympics. A fantastic reminder that sport is about dedication, commitment and passion. Winning for the pride and the glory. Representing your country being part of a team. Giving your all. Doing your best. Whatever anyone said before. Whatever I said before. It is difficult to find anyone who isn’t completely infatuated with the Olympics. Proud of Team GB.

We had our own Olympic experience at the Road Cycling. Like most people the majority of our Olympics has been via the outstanding television coverage. We’ve watched endless TV, countless sports. The coverage has been brilliant almost as good as being track side. There have been countless stand out moments. I’ve cheered and wept and wept some more. As a parent what I wanted from the Olympics was for it to inspire my son. He has been fascinated by the archery and gymnastics. He has played equestrian with a hobby-horse. We’ve raced pavements as Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish. I’ve been commentator, a starter, judge and opponent. We’ve spent a morning recreating the aquatics centre. Posturing pool side before the swim. A dive off the sofa into an imaginary pool. Inspire a generation they said. I think it has.




  1. Ali

    Super cool dude there 🙂 You haven’t looked here for non-infatuation sorry *hangs head in shame* honestly doesn’t rock my boat and gold was never my thing (!) yes I am one of those ‘taking part’ people but hey…. 🙂 Now the advert for the Paralympics that send shivers down my spine, those are the people who really deserve all golds, will they get so much attention and support? Sadly probably not 🙁

    Though Noo’s sofa sports sound fab, may have a go at them later 🙂 x

    1. helloitsgemma

      Ali – as it’s you I will forgive you and yes, the paralympians are incredible. I looked for tickets yesterday and there are very few. I think people have been so inspired by the olympics the paralympics will get more interest.

  2. Violets Diary

    I never had the sofa down as a diving board. My Son uses it as a trampoline though. We are VERY excited to have tickets to the Paralympics. As a disabled person I really hope they get loads of coverage and support. The athletes train just as hard as the likes of those we are currently seeing.

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  4. kelloggsville

    that’s a very funny photo! I miss playing all the imaginary games. Did you see Ab Fab Olympics where the PR was ‘swimming’ the water was a carboards wave around her waist held on by over the shoulder straps – great idea for further play days.

  5. single married mum

    LOVE your photo. He looks cool and serious. Quite a feat in goggles. I’m sure the Olympics is inspiring kids – hopefully to try sports that don’t usually get much publicity.
    Since the pool events my friend’s son will only swim if he’s fully kitted out in speedos, goggles and a swimming hat 🙂

  6. Jenny paulin

    Awww I remmeber seeing this photo on Instagram and thought it was lovely. I have to admit that if my boys were older I would have probably have tried to get tickets as it is a great thing for our country and team GB has totally rocked! I am glad that our children have been inspired b such positive role models rather than flakey reality TV stars and celebs xx

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