Woe is me and a good idea

I am a knackered carcass, a husk of my normal self, a hollow without the gram. My battery is on red. I’m poorly ill and feeling sorry for myself. Can you tell?

Firstly, I have to admit that despite feeling ‘a bit ill’, I did dose myself up on lemsip and go out on Saturday evening. Social opportunities are few and far between and I wasn’t prepared miss cocktails, food and friends. When I woke on Sunday, I knew I wasn’t hung over. I was ill and I felt enormously sorry for myself.

My illness isn’t something that would interest a GP. It isn’t life threatening, but it’s enough to keep be in bed, staring at the ceiling and wondering about all the things I could be doing if I had the energy. I’m improving and I can now watch day time TV and use the laptop. I have a ‘bad’ chest and a cough, my energy is all gone.

The thing is, I find that when I am ill no one feels as sorry for me as I do. I want validation of my condition. A sympathetic affirmation of my obvious illness. There is an element of care from other people in the house, obviously, but not to the depths of my preference. My care here is more practical; preparation of hot drinks and food. My son did sing me a two-line song composed by himself along the lines of “Get well soon Mummy”. “I hope you are better” (there wasn’t much of a tune but it was very sweet). Mr Noo has been expertly making me lemsips, until he had to go to work, then I had to make my own.

It’s not enough. I want someone to nod sympathetically and be nice, extra nice. To furrow their brow in concern. Pat my knee and say “poor you” and “oh dear” – that sort of thing. With time on my hands, I’ve been thinking. This sort of support is needed. Particularly for mothers who regularly provide such service and yet when their time of need comes there is a significant gap in sympathy.

I’m calling on the Government to act. The perfect person for the role would be someone withy sympathy associated skills. Someone who already knits or has the ability to bake. I’m not sure it is ideal for unemployed teenagers. I appreciate in times of austerity a fleet of nation wide “sympathy officers” (I’m still working on a job title) might not been seen as a priority. I can’t guarantee it will save the NHS money, it probably won’t but it would make me feel better. Woe is me.

When I start my on-line petition will you sign?


  1. Notmyyearoff

    Yes yes!!! I will sign! I think when a person is ill they need to lie down on a whole couch and have full control of the remote control. There must also be someone there to bring you hot water bottles, soup and any takeaway you want.

  2. Older Mum (@Older_Mum)

    Oh I’m so with you! I too have a head cold at the moment – and where’s the warm cream of chicken soup on a tray? Where’s the boiled egg and soldiers? Why isn’t someone feeding me spoonfuls of treacle sponge soaked with full cream custard. No where to be seen! This is a matter of national urgency! X. Ps. where’s the petition? – I’ll sign my signature in blood!

  3. woollyandred

    Oh, dear, you do look peaky. Let me turn those pillows for you. Would you like a nice hot drink?
    Having not had a day off in 3.5 years (It’s amazing! Once I stopped earning, i magically never qualified as ill!) I will sign your petition gladly. Along with one which brings back the good old-fashioned concept of “convalescence”…

  4. Ally Bean

    Excellent idea. I’d like to interview for the position of sympathy officer, if I might.

    “I can warm soup, make tea, re-arrange blankies & pillows, find lost remotes, plop flowers into a vase, open recalcitrant bottles of medicine, dispose of used tissues AND agree that you are indeed the most unfortunate woman ever to be suffering from such a miserable & undeserved ailment.”

    How’d I do? Did I get the job?

  5. Asturian Diary

    Bless. I’ve been furrowing my brow and sympathetically clucking the whole time I was reading this….I hope that helps… And I’m definitely on board with the petition…Big hugs xx

  6. 34agirl

    Aw get well soon, you have my sympathy. I find OH gives me sympathy for about half a day when I’m ill then gets bored of doing all the jobs and is just sulky. When he has man flu on the other hand, he’s so sorry for himself though – v annoying!

  7. Alexander Residence

    I thought you had gone very quiet, and was about to send you a message if that makes you feel a little more loved. I hope you feel better soon, being ill doesn’t half make you feel miserable and ruin an otherwise positive outlook on life 🙁 Let’s plan something nice for half term!

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