Happy Blog Birthday to Me

I’m celebrating with tea and cake because this blog is two. How time flies.

In the last year this blog has been a place of retreat and a place to share. The blogging community were wonderful through the illness and loss of my mother. This blog has been a space for me since I was made redundant. A space outside of motherhood and home and yet very much connected with both. Blogging in the last year has taken me to interesting events and I’ve met great people.

I’ve had time to spend writing but I’ve also spent less time here and taken a more relaxed view of blogging. I no longer worry if my stats are rubbish or I don’t post a particular number of times a week. My blog is always here. A small constant in times of change. My space.
As ever the best part of writing is the comments and the conversation.
So thank you dear reader.

Oh and I’ve been redecorating and changing things a little. What do you think? and to celebrate I’ve added a few photos to Helloitsgemma Facebook page. Click ‘like’ on the right if you want to take a look. If you already ‘like’ Helloitsgemma on Facebook don’t forget to hover of ‘Like’ and click ‘show in feed’ to actually see what I post on Facebook, because Facebook in its infinte wisdom doesn’t always share.

Cake anyone?



  1. Ali

    Oh what scrummy looking cake, no I mean Happy Blog Birthday to you x x x Your blog is always lovely to read and look at with the gorgeous pictures too 🙂 but your right blogs should be your place and the bits you want to share x x x

  2. The Fool

    Awwww happy birthday, also slightly random that you appear to have started your blog the week before me, my 2 year anniversay is next Friday 🙂 Clearly a good vintage.
    Oh and love the new look, very crisp and classy

  3. Midlife Singlemum

    Happy Birthday! I am always surprised (well I was last year too) when you have a blog birthday and I realise that you are only 3 months older than me. When I started you gave me advice, support and encouragement that made me think you’d been at it for years. Which just goes to show…. something. I love the new design. Here’s to another year of bloggy sharing and friendship. xxx

  4. Peggy

    Happy birthday. I do like the new look especially the pictures at the top. I think I’ve been going just over 2 years too. Have not celebrated so missed an opportnity for cake! :-/

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