The Eighties

What did you do in the eighties?

In the eighties.

I spent a lot of time in my bedroom or my friend’s bedrooms drinking liebfraumilch and playing records, big vinyl 12” records. My music tastes began at Spandau Ballet moved through Animal Nightlife, Terence Trent D’arby and ended the 80’s with house.

I’d queue for clubs with names like Busbys and Cinderella Rockerfellas. Practising saying alternative dates of birth in the queue because we were too young to get in. Progressing to the Blue Orchid and Bibas while my drink of choice became Southern Comfort Lime and Lemonade. Week night events at the Embassy in Bond street. I was able to stay up all night and then go to work. I could spend entire Saturdays asleep having drunk too many small bottles of French lager.

I was working at the cutting edge of technology. The screen was black and the text green. Every computer hardware manufacturer had their own operating system and the aim was to learn as many as possible. We used floppy discs for storage, all neatly labeled. In this photo I am probably wearing lacy tights and have wasted most of the morning talking about that boy in accounts.

Big hair was achieved by excessive amounts of mousse.  It was highly flammable and once caught light in a wine bar in Maidstone. I didn’t notice.

Misguidedly I wore orange lipstick brought from Miss Selfridges. Lovers of 80‘s make up should check out this link. I did a “Squeeee” as I had those colours and I’d completely forgotten about my Mary Quant lipsticks. Crimes against fashion included; an often worn over sized red jumper. Shoulder pads in my cardi’s. Double denim with stone wash jeans, black and white striped tights.

I was young in the 80’s.




  1. Ali C-S (@Over_A_Cuppa)

    Fab photo 🙂 Yes now I remember my Mary Quant lipsticks too from Miss Selfridge of course, did she only sell there?!!! Oh the awful stone wash denim and I am now shuddering at the memory of a oversized denim bat winged jacket the only saving grace was it wasn’t stone washed!!! I quite like those club names mine was ‘Bath Rock’. I was a Barcardi and coke girl and yes I was young in the 80’s too *sigh* but obviously not as wise by the choice of clothing. x x x
    P.S. I cut out my shoulder pads 🙂

  2. Midlife Singlemum

    I’m impressed that you worked on a computer. I remember working on a word processor in 1885 and being thankful that carbon copies and type-out strips were no longer necessary.

  3. crystaljigsaw

    I’m sure I used to frequent Cinderella Rockerfellas – but the one I went to was in Bolton I think – seems such a long time ago! Could have been in Manchester – bloody nora, I’m losing my memory as well as my marbles.

    CJ x

  4. Ally Bean

    I worked lots of jobs [often 2/day] & went to college & got married & lived on tuna noodle casserole & sported a wedge-style haircut & wore the most horrible bronze colored eye shadow ever. It was a busy decade for me that I really don’t much remember because I worked…

  5. Narrowboat Wife

    Ah lovely nostalgic images. I also had mousse in my hair and drank southern comfort! But I still feel young…:-) Retro make up? I had pink, purple and silver eye shadow, electric blue eye liner. And lip gloss was very important. And I had a book about how to do your make up which I wish I still had because of course it would be hilariously eighties style to look at now.

  6. HelpfulMum

    Love the picture. I don’t have any of me in any of my workplaces. Sounds like you made the most of the 80s. I remember trying out a new date of birth to get in somewhere and the bouncer asked me my star sign. Needless to say, I didn’t get in!

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