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I wish I was better at shopping locally. Supermarkets are just too convenient (tantrum-ing small children, crowds, trolley rage and christmas music aside).

I decided not to buy toys at the supermarket and drove a 7 mile round trip to an independent toy shop, to get a stash of presents for parties. The shop was tiny and the woman very chatty. I never been in the shop when there’s been another customer and I do wonder if she gets lonely. She was very helpful. Really, really helpful and I brought a puzzle I didn’t really want.

My intentions are to use the supermarket less have been helped by our school run. We pass a really good green grocers. Sadly, I am not one of those people who can taste the difference in organic carrots vs. normal carrots. I don’t eat meat so veg is important. Mr Noo says the green grocer vegetables do taste better, but the carrots don’t last as long as the ones from the supermarket and I wonder why. I now get all our veg there. Much of it is locally sourced and there’s a seasonal emphasis. The staff are knowledgeable and have a stock of cook books for browsing and inspiration.

Autumn. Would anyone join me in ' we plough the fields and scatter' ?

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I do love bread. In the last few weeks a mere moments walk from our house is an ‘artisan’ bakery has opened. Fresh bread baked in the shop. I’m fond of bread with herbs and olives in it. I’ve been introduced me to raisin and thyme bread and fig and walnut. Saturday mornings have become about warm loaves of bread and I’ll be very sorry to say goodbye to it.

Do you shop local?



  1. Ali C-S (@Over_A_Cuppa)

    From my first shopping as a 19 year old I always shop using the local green grocers. We eat loads of fresh fruit, salad and veg so just because of price I do shop more at the supermarket for it lately which makes me sad. Sunday mornings I like to pop to the farm shop via a beach dog walk where they grow there own and is lots cheaper.

    I agree with Mr. Noo though green grocers stuff generally tastes better. I do like to balance supermarket shopping for budget and local because I like to support small business too 🙂

  2. Narrowboat Wife

    I reckon I would if I could but having no driving licence (yet) our nearest shop is Tesco, which my husband drives to. I could walk to the farm shop (no shop in our village) which is 30 mins across the fields, but it’s expensive. I am nostalgic for days gone by when as a child I bought meat at the village butcher, bread and veg in the village shops too. And I’m not that old – it was the eighties!

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