Build-A-Bear Workshop: Review

That awkward parenting moment when something your child has been asking to do for months and finally the opportunity is here and they say “No”.

I’m not sure when my son, Noo, began his appreciation of Build-A-Bear Workshop but at some point he decided it looked good. Passing a Build-A-Bear Workshop was not without a “please can I”.
For one reason or another it never happened. When I was asked to review Build-A-Bear Workshop, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse and of course, I thought my son would be of the same mindset until I made the actual offer. Then it turned out Build-A-Bear Workshop didn’t fit with his plans that afternoon.

With some persuasion we arrived at Cribbs Causeway with a reluctant builder, who at this point had begrudgingly agreed to build the bear with the intention of giving it to a younger member of our extended family.

And then we entered Build-A-Bear Workshop and were introduced to his choices of bear to build. Then the act of giving was forgotten as Noo was struck down by build-a-bear magic.

As we entered the store we were met by Amy who led us through the whole process from choosing, stuffing, cleaning, dressing and finally creating the birth certificate and registration.

Noo is hugely interested in wild animals, rather than pick a cuddly teddy he went for a leopard.

Our building process included placing inside a little heart, which beats when squeezed and choosing a noise (of course a roar). These are optional extras.

Noo smiled through the whole experience of bringing the leopard to life, he pumped the peddle to stuff it and enjoyed making the various choices. Amy was welcoming, her focus was Noo, he quickly relaxed in her company, she was patient and helpful.
The shop was fairly busy, all the staff were engaging with children and appeared to be helpful towards the various adults and the staff seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves.

Building and naming the leopard fired Noo’s imagination and he has since spent a lot of time sharing with us various aspects of the leopards personality and behaviour. Having compared it to leopard images in his wildlife book with his Dad, Noo has informed me it is an Amur leopard (found in China and Russia for non-leopard experts amongst you) having checked back with the Build-A-Bear Workshop website the leopard is actually called an Amur leopard. I was impressed with that detail, it’s not an approximation of a leopard.
The website has information on safety and customer guarantees with a definite emphasis on customer service. Bears start at around £9.00, with parties which include various extras at a similar price. The range of accessories and clothing is huge. T’shirt’s start at £4.00. The leopard Noo chose was priced at £18.00. The quality is excellent. Extra’s brought the value to £30.00. The leopard is registered should it get lost and returned to a Build-A-Bear Workshop it will find it’s way back to us.

The quality of the toy is excellent and the experience of building is fun. Although £30 seems a lot of for a cuddly toy but that does include extras which make for a really delightful experience and a unique toy.

The leopard is registered as Alfie but has become officially known as Alfred.

The leopard, accessories and experience were given to us for Build-A-Bear Workshop review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Ali

    Ha, I will join you Gemma when you go back 🙂 We have a few builds here and totally love doing them. The whole naming things etc is great too and the staff seem to really love their jobs.

    Really gorgeous photo’s and great choice of cuddly and name by the way NOO 🙂

  2. Emma

    Awww he is very cute! I won a party for H’s first birthday which was absolutely lovely, although I let Z pick and build H’s bear and he chose this hideous pink flowery thing…still she loves it 🙂

  3. sarahhillwheeler

    LO loves build the bear, it is highly addictive however. Costly and I do find the stitching on the bears splits (although maybe that is LO trying to overstuff them). The staff are brilliant (they will happily restich) and I agree their parties are excellent. Sometimes think I should get shares in the place!


    Got $40.00 giftcard from #smiley360 @smiley360 for built a bear workshop, so I went to build the bear. I love build the bear, it is highly addictive however. Costly but worth it and I do find the stitching on the bears splits (although maybe that is LO trying to overstuff them). The staff are brilliant (they will happily restich) and I agree their parties are excellent.Kids love it. Sometimes think I should get shares in the place!It’s really good fun – recommended!I’ve always wanted to know what goes on in those shops. Plus, now that I know there is more there than bears, I’m super intrigued. Love leopards. Want one too, you can make all sorts of stuffed toys.I don’t know why it took me so long – love it too.I love Build-a-Bear more than my children. I can’t wait to get my youngest one for her 1st birthday.I love it there.

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