Make Sunday Special


Sunday saw a collection of roads in central Bristol reclaimed by people, cycling and walking encouraged. Shut to cars. It’s an initiative by the Mayor of Bristol. It took me back to the Sundays of my childhood; shops closed, roast dinners, family time. Sunday stood out as different.

Make Sunday Special Bristol
Make Sunday Special gave space for play. There was music and stalls. Relaxing positively encouraged.


We bumped into various characters and enjoyed street performances.


A favorite stop of the day was at the Creative Common, where there is a fantastic cafe in a Yurt: Yurt Lush (and a gromit).


There are two more ‘Make Sundays Special’ planned for 29th September and 20th October. 11am to 4pm. Central Bristol. I tweeted the Mayor (as you do) to say how much we loved it and he replied “seemed to go really well again – lots of people asking for more!”

I hope it will become a permanent monthly fixture.
Find out more at Highly recommended.

More reasons to love Bristol!


  1. Emma

    I am so used to closed on a Sunday, but not in an exciting interesting way, although the bier halls are open which is good I suppose! 😀 It looks brilliant, but I am slightly scared of the coneheads…

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