This has been a good summer

When does Summer end? In my bit of the world is very warm today, summer reminding me it’s not yet gone. This morning after six weeks an alarm started the day. School began again. The change of Year 1. Him excited at the prospect of seeing friends and a new teacher, being more grown up. We walked to school, me in a t-shirt, him in summer shorts, soaking up the warm morning. The sunlight is less bright, less blazing, it hints at the dimmed gold of autumn.

This has been a good summer, any reservations about how we might fill the days or our lack of connections in a new city were unfounded. We packed in as much as we could; halcyon days.

Revisiting favourite things:
Camp Bestival
Bristol Zoo
Growing things
Yeo Valley
Exploring new places
Time with friends and family.

PicMonkey Collage

It’s as if I’m reaching the end of a really good book. I know it has to end. I’m hooked, I almost don’t want to turn the last pages. I want to eek it out. The sun still shines, but school begins and one element is gone. The house feels empty. My heart is a little heavy. I remind myself that everything has to end. My boy is eager for Year 1 and all it will bring. That’s a whole new volume to enjoy. There are plenty of other great books. We’ve found some new favourite things this summer and they can be our new stories.

New favourite things;
North Devon
Hot Air Balloons
Local festivals
Taking photos
The New Forest
Kite flying
Dyrham Park
Silver Salt Water Sandals
Science Museum
Top Trumps
Two-wheel scooting
Gromit Hunting
Family cycling

How was your summer?


  1. MargotBarbara

    Against all odds, due to big changes at home, we’ve actually had a great summer. I’m sad that it’s ended as my little boy (who I still think of as my baby) started reception today. He’s excited, but I’m a little sad to think that a chapter of our lives has closed. But, like you, I have new things that are our favourite things now: camping, swimming, walking in the woods, picnics, temporary Tattly tattoos….

  2. Stacey Corrin

    Sounds like you had a smashing summer. Our summer has been a lazy time of enjoying each other’s company – chilling in the garden and the three children getting to know each other a bit more. It’s been nice to slow down, though this morning’s nursery run was big wake up call – no more late nights for me!

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