Now we are six

Where did the time go? Six. It’s been a journey from me to motherhood, from new-born to a boy of six. Here we are. More two people, with much more separate existences. Independence grows and dependence lessens but that is very much the journey of motherhood. Nurturing the ever-growing space of independence.

In the past I’ve fretted over that but less so now. Pride in achievements takes over. Especially, those of school. Watching a child learn to read and write is a wonderful thing. A slower process that other more celebrated milestones, learning to walk didn’t take as long or involve the same amount of patience and time. Reading and writing is a series of steps towards a run and a gallop. An unexpected joy. Almost under-rated, I’m not sure why.

In the last year, small turns of phrase have crept in. Things are often “awesome” or “for real”. Sometimes if you ask him does he want to do something he says “I’m on for it”. I wonder where these come from.
A reminder that his influences are more elsewhere and while he still very much loves being with family, us three. We know to cherish that because, being six is reminder how fast the time goes.

Being five bridged two spaces. He still loves Octonauts and sometimes Show Me, Show Me but more often opts for TV on the big kids channels. Having mastered Super Mario he decided Star Wars is a bit scary and only watches a bit at a time. He tell’s me he is “fascinated by animals and science”. Factual books are often his preference. He likes cycling less and scooting more. In the last month, over came his cautious nature and went climbing. He wants a dog and wonders if Father Christmas is real. Being six, will I imagine bring more of the grown-up.

Year one at school brings more structure and more things to think about and try. His own values have developed, being kind to other people, being good for the teacher, getting a weekly sticker for reading practice. We were out together and came across a little box in a shop, beside it was pen and paper and an invitation to write down a wish and place it in the box. His was “For everyone in my school to be good”. It made me a little bit sad because it recognises that not everyone is good, life isn’t that simple. But how proud I am of my boy and his wish. I am looking forward to six.


  1. Purplemum

    What a lovely post. Over here six still enjoys some Cbeebies shows, absolutely believes in Santa and The Tooth Fairy, and is still my baby. I’m glad you’ve found a way to stop fretting over growing up, what’s your secret?

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