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The clocks go back, for me, this is good news. I love the heat, so always get a lift when spring arrives. It means long warm evenings, and being able to wander around barefoot are just around the corner. The weather warming up provides the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe.

Welcome back to the 80s

This year is going to be an interesting one for fashion. It appears that the late 80s and early 90s are back in vogue, which is both good and bad news. If it is anything like last time, you are going to see some striking sights as the uber fashionable start to wear this year’s bright, bold catwalk numbers in the street. Think oversized, puffy clothes made from shiny fabrics in bold and bright colours or patterns, and you have the idea.

This striking look will work for some, but just like in the 80s, the majority of us will not want to wear such striking clothes on a daily basis. Fortunately, the High Street designers realise this, which is why they have taken a slightly different approach.

Summery dresses

In many collections, you can still see the spirit of the 80s and 90s reflected, but without the over the top bling. For example, there very nice floral print dresses and blouses available in most shops. They are eye-catching without being over the top.

Every type of blouse imaginable

Interestingly, no specific blouse trend stands out. This year, there is virtually every cut and style of blouse available. Most of the blouses I have seen in the shops so far are made from lightweight flowing materials. If anything, there is a bit of a hippy vibe going on. There are plenty of Kaftan and embroidered tunic tops, and strappy cami tops are widely available as well.

You will have no problem finding a blouse to wear with jeans, casual trousers or skirts. However, if you need to buy a tailored women’s shirt for the office you are going to struggle. For some reason, most designers have decided not to make that look part of their 2017 collections. 

Washed out jeans are back

Jeans are still a staple for most people, especially in the spring when the weather is variable. This year, expect to see light blue jeans in most of the shops. They look very similar to the kind you saw stars like Janet Jackson wearing in the late 80s. The cut is still straight or tapering, but the skinny jean or leggings trend appears to have finally run its course.

This style of jeans looks particularly good when paired with a light floral top, and a stylish print bomber jacket or a nice cardigan. The fact that some of the jeans are cropped means that you will be able to continue to wear them during the summer months.

From what I have seen, so far, I doubt anyone will have any problems finding clothes to suit their own sense of style. There is plenty of choice, so now is a great time to get out there and update your spring wardrobe.

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