I am

I am a mother of one. I always have painted toe nails and enjoy cake.  I am in my early forties. In my head I am 22. At a distance, if you squint, I look 32 (this may also be in my head).

I live with my partner, Mr Noo, and my son who was born in 2007, for purposed of the blog know as Noo. Motherhood is my biggest adventure but it is also just one part of me.

Following redundancy, I am currently a ‘Stay at Home Mother’. I used to manage teams and projects in the voluntary sector. I worked in one of poorest areas in the UK and my background is social care and housing.

At the end of 2012 we relocated from the North of England to Bristol. Where ever I live, I am defined by that fact that I am originally from South London and a proud Londoner.

As a family, we like nothing better than exploring new places; beaches, woods, towns and cities. Pre-motherhood I enjoyed traveling; favorite places being South Africa, New Zealand and Cuba. I never say no to sunshine and the chance to flex a passport. Post motherhood I came to realise, there much of my home country I barely knew. As a family, we love to explore places around the UK. My some of my favorite reviewing opportunities have been to Devon, Cornwall and the New Forest. We love camping and festivals. Kite flying and walking. We like being outside.

This is a little space for me, a space for me to connect and share. Check out the categories in the side bar for a taste.

Welcome to my blog.

I love comments and feedback.  Please tell me what you think.

I’m happy to consider PR opportunities that compliment this blog. You can also hire me to write elsewhere.
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