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I was challenged by Penny at Aresidence do some bleating. This isn’t an impression of a sheep and nearest one to a Jacob’s wins a…


Kate at Kate takes 5 is having a Listography.  Love lists. Up for a challenge so here goes; Top 5 good things about having kids….

My Santa Issues

If you are a believer then step away from this post – now. Because Santa, Father Christmas, call him what you will….. is a big fat lie….


  On a Sunday in the winter of  2007 my son was born, by C-section. It wasn’t a planned C-section (one day I will blog…


Sometimes, I struggle to combine working with motherhood. Sometimes, I am so tired from 6 am starts (or even on occasion 5 am). Sometimes, I…

Happy Christmas

I’m getting very giddy about Christmas now, from feeling overwhelmed a week ago I have somehow managed to get myself organised and if only the…

When Birthdays and Christmas meet

I love birthdays and I love celebrating birthdays, my own birthday can go on for weeks as I find various ways to string out the festivities….

A dark vision of Capol

Unusually, we are at a playgroup. Little Noo attends several playgroups with his Childminder but me and him tend to do different stuff.  He’s a veteran…