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Giving Time. Volunteer Champions

CSV are currently running a campaign ‘Volunteer Champions’.  In my working life I’ve had various roles as a volunteer; giving a bit of time. I…

Breastfeeding Saves Lives

[youtube=] On my travels around the internet I’ve stumbled across a couple of ‘ranty’ posts about #firsthour the Save the Children campaign which promotes breastfeeding….

One Small Thing

Over 100 organisations have come together to launch a campaign, charities such as Action Aid, Save the Children and Comic Relief. A simple message. There…

What if I die?

I don’t like to think that I might die. When my son was a small baby I found myself very concerned with my own mortality….

A few moments in Myanmar

For many years Myanmar, the country that used to be called Burma, has been closed to the outside world. The Governing regime resisting intervention. I…

Action Aid Summer Party Invitation

Interested in learning more about blogging for a charity? Simply want to know more about development? Want to meet other bloggers in a small setting,…