I write

I am a communicator.

I love to write.
I Write for Brit Mums I am a monthly columnist for Britmums Magazine.

I write on a broad range of topics, you can find me at Tots 100, the UK’s largest community of active parent bloggers writing about Save the Children’s First Day campaign. I write on travel and days out: A guide to eating out in Sheffield.  UK Budget break ideas and 30 free things to do with children in Bristol.

I have written on a number of other blogs including:
Honest Mum: Making Social Media Social and Bristol at Christmas.
Mummy Alarm: why it’s the best city in the UK.
She Said That and He Said This: My Top Three Films.
Crumbs Feed Your Family: Best Family Cafe.
A Place of My Own: 10 things that make me happy.

Brit mums Blog: blogging conferences and what to expect.

I have been a speaker at: Blog On Manchester ‘how to get more from Twitter’. BlogConf Bristol ‘Working with brands’.

In 2014 I was shortlisted for Brilliance in Blogging Award. Writer.

In June 2012 I won the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Lit award.

Most blogs have writing at their core. But some blogs feature writing that makes it hard to stop reading. Whether a blog reads like a compelling bestseller or gorgeous poetry, this award celebrates the words on the page.

“What I loved about Hello it’s Gemma is the breezy honesty of the blog, it’s personal and engaging but makes the reader feel that she is actually writing about their life, or experiences that are universal and thereby as much about them, rather than simply about herself. I think she uses the medium very well to let the reader wander between posts and different types of media and doesn’t make it too text heavy. And most importantly makes you want to sign up and come back for more.”

photo credit: Corinne. Motherhood Journeys

If you’d like me to write for you please get in touch.