Why am I here?

This is my son, Noo. I didn’t mean this photo to be here. I meant it to be in the “about me” section but for some reason I couldn’t make that happen. I thought I was fairly computer savvy, until I discovered twitter and blogging. I have found just setting up this blog incredibly frustrating and difficult. I have shouted at the computer what WordPress could do with it’s message about “cookies”.   I wondered why I was bothering.  Why am I bothering?

Good question. I considered blogging when I was pregnant at 41 as a record of the whole event. I didn’t know much about blogging and, of course, I never got round to it. I recently embarked on a new life on twitter, mostly because I am interested in “celebrities” and I thought it would make an interesting diversion.  However, I discovered loads of women and women blogging. Over the past view days I have dropping in on various blogs. I have been inspired, impressed and a little bit intimidated. I have always loved writing letters and diaries. When I travel I always write a journal. So I thought I would have a go at blogging. What have I got to blog about? – not sure yet. Is this a mummyblog? – well, I am a mummy and that takes up a lot of my time, so maybe. I am opinionated and I talk a lot, but can’t imagine that I have anything useful to say about parenting.  I want this to be an outlet, I guess,  maybe for a lost bit of me. I hope it is an opportunity to connect with other mum’s and other women – that would be very exciting!


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