What I should have done before his mother arrives

Mr Noo’s mother is coming to stay for the weekend. We haven’t seen her for 43 weeks – it was New Year last time, and my diary says we are week 43 now.  She lives 300 miles away, which is why we don’t see her as much as we would like. She arrives on Friday and I’ve known she was coming for at least 6 weeks. I had plans; I would bake cakes, and give her Christmas presents in an organised fashion. How marvellous it would be. Her train arrives on Friday at 3pm.

At this point – I am short the following – ings

christmas shopping and christmas wrapping – guess I will be sending

cooking ahead – see food shopping

food shopping – everyone loves pesto and pasta, don’t they?

baking – ‘shop brought cakes taste just as good’ repeat, repeat, repeat (food shopping may also be significant here)

cleaning – there is no escaping this one, suddenly I am seeing the house with different eyes. It’s awful. Maybe I could hide her glasses? Alternatively; Mr Noo this is the hoover – the hoover this is Mr Noo.

washing – not essential, and of low impact on guest.  Mr Noo has previously employed the reversed pants approach (which I find revolting).

clean bedding – there must be some, somewhere?

dusting – as a family it would be nice to see the TV screen more clearly, but it is handy to leave messages in the dust for example; “dust me your mother is coming”

activity planning – usually, by 9.30 am, only the park can save us.

Ironing, luckily, I don’t do ironing (ever)

De-junking – I have been sorting and de-junking for months. My efforts have been moved upwards in the direction of the spare room. The un-met next step in the process is; charity shop, Ebay, recycle. This evening I shoved it all into a big pile in the corner. At last an achievement (sort of) 

Obviously, a barrier to all this is; Working – tomorrow, and Blogging – tonight and possibly, my priority issues.

She has said she is hoping to relax while she’s here, obviously it’s too long since she last saw us, there is nothing relaxing about a 6 am start, although that can be eclipsed by a 5.30. She is welcome to join my early morning sofa review sessions. An invited audience (Mr Noo is “invited” in order to encourage attendance, there is nothing worse than The Telly Tubbies when you can hear your partner snore) discusses the merits of Cbeebies vs. Channel 5 over tea and toast.

His Mother is fab, a breath of fresh air, and I’m sure she won’t mind, everything that is lacking. Believe me, she is not going to arrive and do it all for me – how I would love that type.  In doing this I’ve realised I have much less to worry about that I thought. Actually, she just wants to see Little Noo, I expect the pair of them will spend the weekend basking in their own mutual admiration society and nothing else will matter.


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