After the rain comes sunshine

I had a horrible day in the office, I was over tired from lack of sleep. I planned to keep my head down and wish the day away. However, I had to deal with a particularly difficult and challenging individual. I skulked back to my desk feeling defeated. Then a lovely someone, came and offered me tea, cake, a smile and a sympathetic look. Please don’t be nice to me, I thought, I’m close to the edge here.  For a moment I thought I would cry.

The afternoon slipped by and I left work to collect Little Noo from his child minder. His immediate reaction on seeing me was to put his hands over his eyes.  “Have you had a nice day?” “No.” He snapped. Still with hands over eyes.  I persevered. “What have you done today?” In the style of a stroppy teenager the reply came; “Nuffing”.

He was difficult about leaving and for the second time that day I took a deep breath to stop the tears.  In the car he decided he was going to “Ruin” his day’s painting, which was screwed up and thrown across the back seat.  The rest of the evening continued in a similar vein.  Dinner; didn’t want it. All offered activities proved unacceptable.  By bath time I felt utterly crushed.  I took a walk to the shop to buy chocolate. On my return a happy smiling child greeted me from the bath. I sat on the floor next to the tub.”Hi” I said. “Love you mummy” he replied. Before I could fight back the tears for a third time, with his finger he gently tapped the end of my nose “You got spots on your nose look like flowers”.


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