Just the two of us and we’re going on a road trip

This week Me and Little Noo are embarking on one of our infamous Road trips. We are off to London with a packed itinerary. We have had several road trips since his birth, a road trip involves just me and Little Noo, as opposed to a holiday which involves Mr Noo,  shared care and relaxation.   I do love our Road trips and the  intensity of being together 24 hours a day. However, they don’t always go to plan.

Our first trip, as a pair, was at 12 weeks,  me and my 3 month old babe went to North Wales. I’ve been spending time in North Wales for over 25 years I think the mountains are just one of the most beautiful places.  With Steve Wonder “Songs in the Key of Life” in the CD player we hit the road.  It was a 24 hour trip. I simply wanted to take my baby to see the mountains. OK,  he was fairly underwhelmed but it was my personal pilgrimage; “Look baby, aren’t the mountains beautiful? Look mountains at my beautiful baby”.   It felt a bit scary being that far from home with him on my own and the trip gave me a bit more confidence as a new Mum.

Our next trip was at 5 months to London to see my parents. We took the train, so not strictly a road trip and maybe that’s where the problem lay.  Anyhow, the sun shone and it was the first time Noo spent time outside with bare feet. My Mother objected to me breast-feeding in public, and yet invited every neighbour on the street in to see Noo every time I fed him.  Noo decided it was time to be weaned, and demonstrated this by sleeping in the style of a newborn baby.  My parent’s aren’t the type that get involved and take over for a bit.  I was absolutelyshattered, the trip ended in a massive row with my Mother in East Croydon Station.  Rowing in public is another thing we don’t agree on.

The final trip of year one was to Southern France, in November,  in search of sunshine. Little Noo’s first flight. Our greatest distance from Mr Noo.  I went with four other women none of whom had children of a similar age.  My overriding memory of the trip is of sitting in the kitchen on my own with Little Noo, at 6 in the morning. However, I met up with some good friends who lived nearby and who also had a baby. I spent a night with them and the following morning at 6 I had company. It was a joy, mostly because someone else made tea, and yes the sun did shine.

Just after Little Noo turned one we returned to North Wales. It was lovely to catch up with friends and had Little Noo slept I would have been able to think of things to say to them.  I could have spent quality time with them, if the lock on the boot of the car hadn’t broken and I hadn’t had to drive miles  in the pouring rain to get it fixed (I know Wales/rain there’s not normally an association – I was unlucky).
We did follow that up with a successful trip to my parent’s which passed off without incident, and involved a great children’s party and my brother paying for lunch.  
We’ve had our ups and down but by this point me and Little Noo are getting into the swing of this thing.  However, the year he is one I am back at work and trips are limited by the dreaded ‘annual leave quota’. 
Last December Little Noo turned two. This year we have had three trips. A trip to North Wales; good weather, good company, sleep (I now measure the success of any trip by the amount of sleep achieved). In March we attended the Llanberis Mountain Film Festival (it’s a bit like the Venice Film Festival but that may be my head only).  We even managed to see a film on mountain biking of which we both approved.  Buoyed with success, we soon headed back to Wales and this time  another pilgrimage  to Newborough Beach on Anglesey. Which, I have to say, is one of my most favourite places on Earth.  Even though it was flipping freezing we had a good time. I think, it is a perfect beach.  In good weather the views are stunning  across a stretch of water called the Menai Straits to Snowdonia. It has shells, pebbles, pools, flotsam and jetsam, and sand dunes, in my opinion,  you cannot fail to have a good time, as demonstrated in the photo.
For me our road trips are a special shared time, there are other people around but it’s really about him and me having an adventure together and discovering new things. We usually share a bed and it’s such a nice treat to wake up next to him and have a chat about the new things we are going to do that day. Road trips always involve new things, a different place, a break from the routine.
This summer we had our best trip yet. We went to a festival and for the first time he uttered those imortal words “Are we nearly there yet?”.  We camped, we saw, heard and did, lots of new things. It was an amazing  shared experience.  This is a moment (pictured) I will treasure for a very long time, the expression on his face on seeing Mr Tumble in the flesh. A moment shared together, a moment which reminds me how much I love being a Mummy.


  1. Superamazingmum

    Fantastic! Maxiboy and I did lots of solo road trips as well, mainly to Scotland but your post has reminded me how lovely it was. I would be mad to even attempt with all 3 of them but sadly can’t now due to school! Your parents must live close to me, if you were at East Croydon! Please don’t tell me you grew up going to the Blue Orchid?!

  2. Penny

    Hi Gemma
    Don’t know why it has taken me so long to pop in again, we keep twittering instead! Road trips are brill and I loved reading about yours. I really want to take mine to a festival. I took both of mine on the train down to Brighton in the summer and it was just like you said, when you do new things, new ways it really is an amazing shared experience.

  3. Ann Pawley

    Hello, thanks for your message on my blog. I thought I’d have a little peak at your’s too. I must say I think you’re very brave, travelling alone with a baby/toddler! It took me an age to manage it with our girls. The good news is that it gets much easier. You’ll find it hard to believe right now, but there will come a day when you don’t even have to do his packing!


  4. Miss Behaving

    What a lovely post and what great memories you’re creating, I had to LOL though at the breast feeding and the fighting in Croydon stn.
    Here breast feeding is encouraged everywhere, BUT everyone comes in a for a view, people prod your boob and comment on it’s capacity, how big your ‘tank’ is. lol.

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