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My fabulous blogging partner in crime Superamazingmum, recently wrote a blog about her favourite things, which inspired me to do the same.  Of course I didn’t get round to it immediately, and then I stumbled over Mummysquared and she was up to the same thing also inspired by Superamazingmum. I have no idea how to make them little highlighted links and in order not to begin a post on my favourite things with tears I decided not to pursue it (apologies).

I’m not bothering to start with a quote from Julie Andrews because frankly this is about my favourite things.

Cake. I eat sandwiches on the run, I often eat meals on the run. I take time for cake, I stop, I sit. I complement it with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate. Cake is about relaxing. I’m not eating it as part of my five a day, I’m eating it because it tastes good.  Taking time out to bake cakes and getting completely absorbed in the process and then sharing (maybe) and enjoying.

Film. I love films, curling up on the sofa with Mr Noo and watching a good film.  ‘World cinema’, small budget independents, British films are our favourites.  My pleasure is films with Doris Day and cheesy romantic comedy the type that from the opening credits you know is going to end happily.

On the subject of sofas and watching. The Wire. The Wire is US TV drama from HBO. It’s about cops and drug dealers in Baltimore. It’s demanding and challenging and the best TV I have seen.

Camping. I am happy to camp in the rain but I like it best in the sun. I like the complete break from the routine and the opportunity to be outside all day. I am very keen on 5 star boutique hotels, but I know my financial limitations.

Sunshine. Hot sunshine. The hotter the better. Doors open, windows open, summertime. It makes everyone happy.

Staying in the house all day in an old t’shirt and tracky bottoms and pottering.

Turning left from the A55 onto the A5 in North Wales. There is a view of the mountains that never fails to bring a wave of emotion. It’s beautiful and I know I am on my way to see friends and spend time in breathtaking places.

Menus. Choosing and the expectation (someone else cooking) and that, more often than not, when browsing a menu I am with friends.

Shopping with my best friend. The Saturday Guardian.  Dancing. My son. My son’s hair. Being a family. Long walks. A good book and time to read. Exploring new places.  The smell of creosote (as a toddler I tipped an entire can over my head, my mother still talks about it).  Train travel. Rock climbing (although I don’t do it anymore). People watching and cafes. Glossy magazines. The Victoria and Albert museum.

This is great – it feels very self indulgent. I can highly recommend it. So get on and blog yours, drop me a tweet or a comment and I will get over and have a look (promise), because reading blogs is fast becoming one of my favourite things.


  1. Wendy McDonald

    You like creosote too…that was the best smell ever. That are freshly tarred roads. They are so evocative of childhood.
    I fully concur on the cake front too…there is something so ritualistic about the baking, slicing, sharing and consuming of cake. It is one of life’s simple pleasures!
    I wish I had time to enjoy my blogging again…it was so simple and personal once…I am now drowning in a sea of reviews. Finding balance in doing what I love and what needs to be done will be one of my favourite things. May it happen soon 🙁

  2. marisworld

    to do the link thing…When you write your new post there is a bar of symbols above. Write the words ie. Mummy Squared highlight them, click on the chain symbol and a little box pops out, paste the whole link and choose a target (I ususally opne in new windows so as not to lose the reader but don’t know if this is the best way. click save and continue writing. you can always check on your preview page if it’s correct or not. copntact me if you get stuck.
    Oh and I love chocolate, cake, sunshine, free time and my children 🙂

  3. Katie

    Hi Gemma! Have hopped over from BMB to say hi! Love this post… It’s great hearing about what makes people smile… Makes for happy reading! I too am a huge admirer of Doris Day – I particularly like singing her music while baking (and everyone is out!)

  4. ChrisTeaAndCakes


    Finally got some time to have a look at your blog and I’m loving it. I had forgotten my love of Doris Day (and Rock Hudson and Cary Grant). I too love pottering whilst wearing cosy togs (see my moo-moo post!), the smell of creosote (I also like that smell when you fill your car with petrol, probably really bad for you but isn’t everything that’s fun?!), baking and, most of all, savouring cakes.

    Looking forward to reading more. Hope you manage to get that Flamingo!

  5. superlittlemen

    I love cakes as well, both baking and eating! Tarmac and creosote are also smells that take me back, its a shame real creosote has now been banned.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, love this post, might have to be a bit self indulgent myself and do a similar one x

  6. Penny

    I was convinced I had commented on this, must have just read it via twitter ooops sorry. I love camping, pottering, cake, saturday guardian and exploring new places too. I have started mine, the longer I leave this the harder it gets I reckon. Very well put 🙂

  7. Metropolitan Mum

    Hi there back! Love your list 🙂
    I am a wordpress sufferer, too. And just in case you want to put in the ‘pretty’ links: If you edit a post, there’s an html and a visual option to see what you are editing. Choose visual and look for the symbol that looks like a chain. Highlight the text you want to link away from and click the symbol, after that it’s easy as pie…

  8. Anna

    Loving your list Gemma and thanks for the mention…What shocks me most is that you don’t include Julie andrews in your favourite things… how is Sound of Music not right up there?! 😛

  9. tamsyn

    hiya!! i have been having a perusal! and really enjoying your blogs. i also wanted to swing by, although i have ended up writing this on a november blog, so hope u get it! and say thanks for giving me a shout out! i am new to this world, and getting to grips with it, in fact it was only today that i found out if i ‘scrolled down’ on my bmb page, i actually have a wall! (i’ve been on it 2 weeks now!). i must get back to all my comments people have left, and have so rudely neglected (but not on purpose!). anyhoo, i have subscribed, so am looking forward to reading more blogs…catch u soon…

    tamsyn x

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