To be a Time Lord

Oh to be a Time Lord. Not in a Doctor Who style Time Lord (clothes are too geeky for a start). I would like to be able to Lord it over time. Illusive, slippery time, how I would like to have more control over time. As it currently stands, time seems to be against me.  Over the last week or so I have read almost all the entries in the BMB November blog hop. Which have been interesting, moving, motivating, enlightening and inspiring. I would love more time to blog and take part in memes but I have accepted my time limitations (with a heavy heart). The Blog hop read has been thoroughly worth it, somethings got marginalised as a result; more about the stair carpet later. It may have eaten into my working day but I cannot confirm or deny that suggestion.   But can anyone direct me towards tips to making more hours in the day?

We don’t have a dish washer or a tumble dryer, we haven’t the space or the cash to purchase and if I’m honest I have environmental “issues” about such things.  Do they really save time? I would love a cleaner but cost cannot justify, that would save time.  At the weekend we experienced the following social faux par: A friend called in and while he was here asked if he could use the loo. To my horror, he slipped off his shoes to go upstairs, and which point I intervened “Really don’t do that the bits on the stair carpet will only stick to your socks”. You guessed it, we had not had time to hoover (he may have just hoovered downstairs and I may have been reading blogs).

Both Mr Noo and I work 4 days. On the day we don’t work, no one else does our jobs and essentially we are doing a 5 day week in 4 days.  On the day we have at home we each dedicate ourselves to quality time with Little Noo, who is equally dedicated to rising early.  We are often simply tired.   Evenings and weekends are a juggle of family time, chores and “me” time.  Mr Noo plays music and practices a lot inorder to keep the standard needed to perform, that’s his thing. Mine is fiddling about on the internet (actually, while I’m asking I would like more time with friends, sometime for yoga, films and a bit of shopping – please). We also try to squeeze in time for us to ensure we are actually communicating about adult stuff while in the same room. We don’t have, what I term; “functioning” Grandparents. That is Grandparents within distance or prepared to lend a hand.  Due to distance we don’t see them very often so asking for a babysit or to stick the dinner on seems a bit unreasonable.

Christmas and Little Noo’s birthday are looming and I have this impending sense of doom at the various things I need to do and organise within what feels, like no time.   The stair carpet aside, I would like to emphasise that the house is clean and I am incredibly organised; List Mania lives here. Meals are planned and I shop on line, even once for a  rubber door stop (to avoid wasting time at the shops that took it to the  limit).

Forgive me, I’m ranting. Obviously, we choose this path so really I shouldn’t complain. But I don’t think I was prepared for the lack of time available for anything other than, chores, childcare and work.

Perhaps I just missing a little bit of me. This weekend I’ve been invited to a party with my best friend some 200 miles away (remember the time when that was no distance for a party or is that just me?).  It’s 80’s themed and will be full of people I haven’t seen for ages. (Sounds great doesn’t it. Or just me again?). I am desperate to go, but a little bit of me is niggling. That’s the weekend gone, I will be SO tired next week, I won’t get anything done. Should I stay or should I go?  Oh to be able to Lord it over time. Stop the clock, I’m having some time back. Work can wait, I can live without sleep and I can fit more in and maybe fairies could hoover the stair carpet.


  1. superlittlemen

    Oh I do feel for you & relate. Time or lack of is why I am more often up til after midnight & up by 6:30, never had a lunch at work as I’d be rushing 2 appointments, car garages, doctors etc. Not good as after 5 years something had to give. Despite now being jobless I still seem to have no time. Sounds like you are fling a fab job and who would want to live in a show home anyway? I call my house homely and lived in!

  2. Carrie

    I say, go to the party! Yes, you will be tired, but that is what they made coffee for!
    I hate that running out of time feeling. When the to do list is stock piling. I just folded a load of laudry that sat waiting to be folded in my room for a week! Oh, well. 🙂
    Thanks for the kind words on my blog.

  3. Penny

    Go! Sounds like you need it and will regret it if you don’t.
    Great post and I know how it feels. I am always trying to cram too much in and trying not to feel resentful that my time is rarely my own. I’m amazed at how easy it is to whittle through the to do list when I feel like I have had some me time.

  4. Meltdownmum

    I really identify with your post – and it can seem like life is a never ending struggle sometimes. We have 2 yr old and 3 yr old and like you: no ‘functioning’ grandparents. Our family live 250 miles away (I don’t speak to my mum) & one half of grandparents are pretty selfish really. The other is really sweet but in her 70’s. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger. Is your OH supportive? Like you we both worked 4 days but now I work 3 days & other half 5 days & one weekend day. But, at least you can do it without relying on anyone. Would be nice to have a friendly relative to help with the ironing though eh!

  5. ~Mama

    Totally with you on this one, my dilemma too–if you ever do find a way to win against time and fit more into a day, please PLEASE do let me know. Wouldn’t trade them for the world, but there’s no denying that kids are (extremely cute and cuddly) time bandits.

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