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Apologies to anyone without snow.  Or anyone bored to death of the people banging on as if it’s the end of the world, rather than a few inches of snow. If that’s you, stop here.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind snow, to look at and to play in, it’s the travelling and the driving I’m not so keen on.  It’s snowed on an off since the weekend here. Last night it snowed some more and today travelling was achievable but slow. I got to work without  problem.  More snow was predicted. I know this as the city council sent me a high priority email enclosing a weather forecast. I decided to share it with everyone in the building just in case anyone was unsure about the weather. 

Actually, I was hoping senior management would read it and sent us home until the weekend.  As predicted, it hasn’t stopped since we got home this evening.  So this is the dilemma; Work policy is make it in or use Annual Leave. I’ve a toddler his illnesses has eaten into my Annual Leave.  I’ve used up my 2 days parental leave, and what I have left between now and the end of March has to meet my needs for a break, getting things done and possible further illness that Noo may have. I have 5 days annual leave left, and yes, I am only taking the statutory holiday at Christmas (woe is me).  Helpfully, it was suggested I could take unpaid leave. “Have you seen my bank statement?” I wanted to scream.   My partner, Dear Mr Noo walks to work everyday, so they expect him; rain, snow or shine.

Whereas I drive, and do the childminder drop off/pick up. The childminder we use is in the opposite direction from work and home. Accessible, by car or on foot.  Ever tried shoving a Mcclaren through snow or persuading a toddler to walk a mile and a half? I did carry him during snow earlier in the year. I was so exhausted by 8.30 am and nowhere near the office and I felt like weeping. If I can get a bus that’s fine, otherwise it’s 3 and a half mile walk. Today I tentatively drove.  The forecast for tomorrow is awful and already I am dreading the whole scenario, of struggling through awful conditions just to get to work. I feel stuck between a snowy place and no annual leave.  What would you do?


  1. janeblackmore

    no work from home option?

    its a bloody nightmare – we had it in reading last year like you have it now and i couldnt get in and had to go unpaid which i really begrudged as i work bloody hard!

    try and get in – walk and turn up when you can and then go home again!

  2. superlittlemen

    Oh I feel your pain, its an awful place to be. I could of written your post last winter. Where we lived didnt even own a snow plough so the whoole town ground to a halt for weeks, wel county really and njo-one knew how to cope. I have to say the last 2 days have been a refreshing change. Back north, and 5 inches of snow, all roads clear either through ploughing or mere fact that everyone has just carried on as normal and just use has cleared the roads. Most schools in, bit more lax about time but so nice.

    Is there anyway you can do any of your work from home, or speak with a manager and suggest that you make up some of the hours you take with a few late days or a saturday or something? Its a catch 22 as those longer days thenh incur the extra childcare costs, I must admit being a working parent is very stressful.. Hope you can work something out.

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