Advent begins with a good snow day.

Woke up this morning to more snow. Deep, white, crisp, snowy everything.  But first things first; today is December 1st and so to opening the first door of the advent calendars.  We have two, a traditional Santa one with pictures behind the doors (a goose today – if your interested) and something more contemporary, a Playmobil advent calendar.  Each day brings a horse related item until by the 24th you have your own Playmobil stables. Something to aspire too and but am struggling to find the Christmas connection.  At 6 am we had tense negotiations concerning how many doors you open each day.  Such is my lack of authority, the whole ‘discussion’ was settled by a phone call to a friend’s son who is 7  who, in the eyes of  a nearly 3 year old, knows EVERYTHING.  The 7 year old  informed Little Noo that he’d had “thousands” of advent calendars and “you only open one door everyday”. Let’s see how we get on in the morning, but you know who I will be quoting at 6 am.

After my moaning yesterday, work closed today with no loss of annual leave ( I did do a little dance, just a little one).  This was the scene outside at 11 am.

The snow was crisp and deep and it wasn’t that cold. Little Noo laid on his front and literally swam in it. I laid on my back and made perfect angel wings.  We sledged on nearby roads with friends.  We laughed and played and it continued to snow and do you know what – nobody cared.  

More is forecast tonight and at the moment I’m thrilled to bits, but lets see what the morning brings; advent stables, door negotiations, more snow. Everything to play for at 6 am. Bring it on.


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