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This week Listography at Kate Takes 5 is Top Five places you’ve visited. I have huge enthusiasm for places and travel.  I was wildly over excited, whittling it down to 5 has proved really difficult. First I thought of just going for the British Isles, then memorable rather than ‘top’, then just going international or European. Maybe just local. I’ve decided not to mention Wales, because posted before about how much I love it. After much agonizing I have (today’s) top 5 Places; in no particular order (with lots of ramblings, that allow me to cover several bases and therefore cheat). It’s a linky so pop over and join in. (I’ve used Flickr photo’s because my India photos where lost in a fire, and the other one is better than any of mine) here goes;

Maria La Gorda – which is a beach area in Cuba. This is where I discovered snorkeling in azure blue waters. The fish are vivid and varied and beyond anything I’d ever imagined. Basically, snorkeling and diving is all there is to do. It ‘s on the list because it is picture perfect tropical paradise. Sandy beaches, palm trees, the Caribbean Sea, a bar and two places to stay. It’s what I thought about while I had my C-Section. Think about it, and relax…..

Barcelona. Love Northern Spain, but I couldn’t make a decision so I went for the other end of the Country and opted for the vibrant, fantastic Barcelona.  I love the architecture, I love the vibe, I love the Sonar music festival, I’ve never had a rubbish meal in Barcelona and I very much love the shopping.

Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand.  New Zealand is a walkers heaven.  Cakes are good, wildlife is beautiful. Abel Tasman was my favorite place in the South Island, beautiful forest alongside the ocean. I picked New Zealand because I would love to return with my son.

Shivling and Meru from Tapovan

Credit: Flickr user Mylense

Himalayas – this is my cheat.  I spent 3 weeks in India, mostly in the Himalayas, I did visit the Taj Mahal, and initially I hated India, however the sensory overload that is the experience of India won me round.  I spent another 3 weeks in the Himalayas but in Nepal.  We trekked, the people are incredibly happy and welcoming, and life is, relatively, simple and the views breathtaking.  This mountain is called Shivling (the one behind it is called Meru). I sat in a tent below Shivling for 10 days, it is memorizing. I choose the Himalyas because my experiences there were so memorable.

Lastly, I have gone for Stannage Edge in the Peak district it’s half an hour from my home, I choose it because it’s very familiar and I associate it with many friends.  One who is now dead and some of who now live far away, going to Stannage makes me think of them. Plus there is a climbing route on Culperstone at Stannage that’s named after my cat (I kid you not).

Stannage Edge

credit flickr user SN#1


  1. Heather Lucas

    Such a very cool list of places. Barcelona was originally on mine but I subbed it in the end for Tallinn – I do love Barca though, so vibrant and full of beauty.
    I’m jealous as New Zealand is a place I’d love to visit.

  2. waterbirthplease

    Very very cool sounding places! I’ve always wanted to try snorkling – and that photo of the Himalayas is beautiful. (Can’t believe you called your cat “I kid you not” though! ) 😀 x

  3. Kate

    Would love love love to visit Cuba, and Nepal – you lucky thing. Can’t believe how many times Barcelona has been mentioned – I need to get there v soon. Love your list and hope you enjoyed the reminising. I feel alot of blogger holidays coming on!

  4. Michelloui

    Oh I would love to visit Cuba!! Actually there’s several on your list I would love to visit. I have true Wanderlust, but it’s temporarily on hold with 5 kids and a budget. I’ll be one of those grey haired back packers maybe… 😉

  5. Alexander Residence

    Wow, you are well travelled. I want to know how the climbing route got named after you cat now though. My brother goes to Sonar every year, raves about it. Not sure we can get the caravan to New Zealand or up the Himalayas but Barcelona maybes – the road trip is taking shape. We could start at Stannage Edge?

  6. Sarah

    Such fabulous places you have visited and describe. My sister lives in Chinley, High Peak and spends most weekends walking and climbing in the countryside. Lovely post (and yes, NZ does good cakes!!).

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