7 things you didn’t know about me

I’ve been tagged by Missie Lizzie over at Me and My Shadow and Michelle at Mummy from the heart to share 7 things you didn’t know about me.  Here are 7 things you didn’t know about me, it’s a mixture of odd facts and little stories:

I’ve know my oldest friend since I was 3. We became friends at Nursery school and are still friends.

I was once a Best Woman at a Wedding. The couple in question have been married 18 years last December – I knew it would last.

Several years ago, I was driving along a lane in North Wales at dusk.  The lane was narrow and the trees on either side met across the top of the road, I had dipped head lights on.  From nowhere an owl swooped down, it must have been dazzled by the lights of the car and I hit it.  I was horrified.  I went straight to a friends house, burst into the living room and out tumbled what I’d done.  A friend went back up the road collected the dead owl, it was a baby tawny owl.  He stuck it in his freezer, later had it stuffed and it now sits on a perch in his living room.  I’ve stroked it on many occasions, I hope the owl and I have come to an understanding about the accident.

When I was about 22 I was PA to the Head of Taxation at a large Blue Chip company in central London.  It fell upon me to organize the Christmas Sherry Party.  Various individuals from the Finance and Taxation Department were invited. I have to say they were mostly middle aged men in grey suits, they came to talk about the last financial year over a glass of sherry.  It started at 11 am, and so did I. By 3 o’clock I was so drunk I had sung “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” and showed everyone my knickers.

I passed my cycling proficiency test on the second attempt.

I was lucky enough to witness the total Eclipse in August 1999, I was in Cornwall on The Lizard which was one of the few places where the cloud cleared and the whole eclipse was visible. In the afternoon me and my best friend swam off Lizard Point, naked, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I have a CSE in Spanish, ungraded.  Hola.


  1. missielizzieb

    Fab post!!

    I am in shock about the owl. I did laugh, but then felt guilty :0(

    I saw the eclipse in France. I remember reading that all the cows would just fall over when it happened and I was very much looking forward to this phenomenon. It didn’t happen.

  2. CaroleHolland

    Hehe loved this post 🙂

    I was sat in a massive field with hundreds of other Girl Guides for the solar eclipse. We had t-shirts printed but the ink went all funny and it looked more like we were wearing T-Shirts with big cockroaches printed on them rather than the pretty diamond ring effect!!

    And as for the owl – the fear of doing that is one of the reasons I have never learned to drive. But I like that you have made your peace with him now. 🙂


  3. motherporridge

    I too failed my first cycling proficiency test. There. I’ve said it. After all these years.

    PS. your owl-stuffing friend sounds wonderfully eccentric
    PPS. thanks so much for tag *dusts off thinking cap*

  4. This Mid 30s Life

    That owl has forgiven you, I can tell.

    Well done tagging 15!! I couldn’t do it, was scared of leaving people out. So I changed the rules completely and tagged 3. Hope noone minds.

    You knicker-flashing former PA, you.

  5. Mary @ asmallhandinmine

    I was only about 11 when the eclipse happened, and I expected total darkness, I was not impressed.
    So many different emotions reading the owl story! Im sure he’s forgiven you.

  6. Mama

    Wow, your life sounds really exciting–especially the sherry party, swimming off Lizard bits. Poor you and owl both!

    I didn’t realize it was 15, so I tagged three…feeling a bit unmotivated now…

    Always such fun to read your posts.

  7. Monique Brown

    Hello Gemma,

    What a very fun post! Love the part you got drunk and sang ” I wish it could be Xmas everyday” LOL I´m sorry I did not not come here earlier. Last week I had a tough week ! Went for an emergency scan ( I´m 8 months pregnant). I´m not totally online yet, but I´d love to hear from you always! Take care xx PS: Thanks for tagging me 😉

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