I wouldn’t say I’m “arty” but I like sculpture that you can interact with and sculpture whose shape lends the opportunity to interact but especially; play. Of course, I should name check the artist here but I’m afraid that’s a bit of a fail. The ‘brown man’ is in Bilbao and my son had huge fun running in and out of the shape.  The Scallops is a Maggi Hambling it’s on the beach at Aldeburgh in Suffolk, it’s a tribute to Benjamin Britten, I love that it’s open to the elements that you can climb on it and under it, we played peak a boo with a little girl. The shiny horn (oh er Mrs) is my favourite it was in an exhibition at Chatsworth House gardens, it wasn’t one that you could climb on but the playing with the reflection was great, but step back from the reflection and the shape is wonderful.


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