Sofa Cinema – January

Welcome to my sofa cinema. I don’t get out to the cinema as often as I like, however I am a keen DVD watcher, hence sofa cinema. This isn’t about the current “must see film” at the local multiplex. This is a once a month post about the films I’ve seen recently, mostly that will be on DVD. Don’t expect in depth plot analysis or character debate, these are my humble opinions. If you’ve seen these I’d love to know your thoughts and would very much like recommendations, so please add a comment.

I am love
Italian art house cinema. Beautifully shot. The ethereal Tilda Swinton is brilliant as a middle ages wife with not enough to do, very much about family and food – very Italian(subtitles). The ending left me a gasping a bit.

What exactly are they doing? What is it about? Where is it shot? When is it set? Can’t tell you. But can tell you it’s hugely enjoyable. Really great British film with a wonderful central relationship between the two main characters. Heartwarming and funny. My favourite this month.

Four Lions
Dark, dark, dark but very funny. I found my self slapping my hand over my mouth as I “OMG-ed” only to snigger through my fingers. Chris Morris wrote and directed so there’s a ‘comment’ about Islamic fundamentalism and also the Police and their abilities.

Exit through the gift shop
A documentary film about Banksy the street/graffiti artist, or is it? This is Banksy so nothing is what it might seem. It’s clever with a message and of course, it’s up to you to make sense of it. Me and Mr Noo debated this for a good hour afterwards, always a good sign I think. I liked it so much I brought a copy and have been lending it to friends as a must watch.

French subtitled film with Kirstin Scott Thomas, personally I never get bored of Kirstin. However, I found this film depressing. It doesn’t spoil it to say that from the opening scenes you know it doesn’t end well. Essentially about a woman leaving her husband, I felt it didn’t explore the relationship with her children enough. But I guess it’s about her, her husband and why she leaves.


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