(easiest) Banana Cake (ever)

A recipe for Banana Cake, it was given to me a long time ago by a friend of a friend. The bits in italics are as it was given to me and the bits in brackets are my variations/comments. It’s a moist tasty cake that lasts well; I like to bake it to take on camping trips.


8 oz 225 g Self Raising Flour

6 oz 175 g Sugar (I use soft brown)

4 oz 110 g Marg (I sometimes use butter)

Pinch of salt (I never add that)

Mixed spice to taste (available from the supermarket I add about teaspoon)

1lb (4) Mashed Ripe Bananas

4 oz 110 g dried mix fruit (I use raisins or sultanas)

2 oz 50 g Chopped Walnuts (I don’t bother with these)

2 eggs beaten

You will need a loaf tin (mine is about Β 29 cm length by 13 cm wide) and some grease proof paper


Sieve flour, spice and salt into a large bowl and rub in the marg. Add remaining ingredients and mix well (I sometimes use a hand blender if I am feeling lazy)

Pour into a greased and lined tin and stick it in the oven!

Bake at 180 C, 350 F , Gas Mark 4 for about 50 minutes to an hour depending on the heat of your oven. Β Enjoy x

(easiest) banana cake (ever)


  1. Sharon Donnelly

    I LOVE Banana cake and it answers the question of what to do with all those Banana’s i bought to be healthy that have sat in the fruit bowl going a bit brown…..thanks! πŸ™‚

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  3. ella

    We love banana bread but I haven’t made it in ages, you’ve inspired me to make it again soon. Thanks for taking part in the carnival, I hope it was easy to add the links and that you’ll take part again if you can x

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