24 Hours with helloitsgemma

24 hours at work with me.

Drink tea from an Arsenal mug and no one borrows it, it’s always where I left it, drink herbal tea and never have to wonder who used the last of the milk. Someone in the team made this cake, I try not to have favourites but when one bring cakes and one brings me lunch and one hides the biscuits, it’s difficult…….

This is the gas ‘canister’. We  see it from the office, we wonder when it goes up and when it goes down and why we never see it move, and how does it move? Who moves it? What’s it proper name?

I really love the area I work in. It’s one of the poorest 2% in the country. This is where I buy my sweeties.

I think it rocks of because it genuinely has community from the old men debating politics on the green, to local shops run by local people to ‘free community meals’.

We support vulnerable people in this area and neighbouring areas.  These are seats the representatives from the funding body sat in, when they came today to discuss the closure of 3 of our projects. Projects like ours make a practical difference.  This is the Comprehensive Spending Review in practice. Libraries matter, of course they do.  Pot holes matter and bin collections matter.  Vulnerable people matter and generally they have little or no voice, I see them facing the biggest cuts; poverty effects children and life expectancy and opportunity.  Tackling it matters.

I have a family and I try to leave work, at work. This is my evenings, the laptop.

This is my boy who is poorly today, and stayed at home.

At the moment he really loves jigsaws, does them for hours, over and over.

This is the OH’s thing, the saxophone, this is big part of our home life. This  is 24 with Helloitsgemma, welcome to my world.


  1. Katy from Modern Mummy

    I love your pictures! Esp the poster in the window for a free community meal. I put together an album of photos of handwritten posters I saw in the shop windows last time I was in Selsey – they weren’t the most artistic things in the world but lots of effort had gone into making them so I loved them!
    Not so keen on the Arsenal mug though 😉 x

  2. wendy mcdonald

    Arsenal mug…good choice.
    I totally agree with your musings over the gas tower thingy! Used to live near one. Never understood it. Big one day, small the next…how??
    Love your passion for your job and the area in which you work x

  3. tiddlyompompom

    I share your pain – the children I work with will be amongst the hardest hit by all the cuts 🙁 I hope you are able to continue your work and get enough funding. I also hope your little boy is feeling better x

  4. Jacq

    You have an interesting job as well as a great blog! Fab. I love your little man’s trousers/ PJ bottoms? I hope he’s feeling better soon. My DS loves jigsaws too but the pieces rarely stay together in this house.

  5. Deb (MLMBeautiful)

    ♥ Aw your poor poorly little boy *gives him a huge cuddle* 🙁 I hope he feels lots better soon hun! I loved all your pictures! So interesting! I must say I am HUGELY embarrassed to say when I saw the gas cannister one I thought WOW! you live in the same town as ME!! *bounces* then I saw other pics and realised that erm no… no you don’t!! All towns have them…. DOH!!!! *smacks head on keyboard*…… 🙂 xxx

    ƸӜƷ http://www.makinglifemorebeautiful.co.uk ƸӜƷ

  6. Liska

    Great 24 hrs. Reality…. with the effects of the cuts. You are there at the front-line. Sorry. Keep up the sterling work.

    Get well soon little man.

    Thank you for your heartfelt message on my Dear So and So. Was lovely to receive.

    Liska x

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