This is us, having a weekend together as a family. When I had my son the recurring question was; “are you enjoying being a mother?”
Obviously, I wanted to say; “Oh yes! Sleeping for no more than 4 hours at a time is great, I’ve not had 2 minutes to myself since his birth and please hold this baby while I go to the pub”.
The automatic pilot me simply said “Yes”. Then I gave the question some thought, actually what I’d discovered was the joy of being a Family. Of course, it only get’s better I now have a 3 year old with more chat than Jonathan Ross and his own definite opinions and what this Family does together.

This photo is from a weekend’s camping trip last summer. I adore camping, it makes my heart sing and I get giddy at the very thought. My son shares my enthusiasm, my Other Half less so (much less so). This particular trip I had decided we were going camping come ‘hell or high water’ and in order to smooth the path of true camping love for my Other Half I would organise everything and all he had to do was turn up.

Hence, Friday afternoon found me in a field in the rain attempting to supervise a toddler while erecting a six person tent. Luckily a fellow camper took pity and rescued me; a six person tent is not a one person job. Tent sorted, I collected my Other Half and presented him with a ‘fait accompli’. We slept on Friday night to the sounds of howling wind and pouring rain (always pack ear plugs when camping) and he tried not to grumble. On the Saturday, we found a canal to explore – my Other Half loves canal boats. The enjoyment was being together, just the three of us, pottering about and exploring. Eventually, the sun shone and this is a photograph is from a walk on the Sunday, just us sat in the grass, not doing much really.


  1. Kerryonliving

    The best times are often the ones spent doing the simplest things aren’t they? I love camping too and am just signing with lust over a big canvas bell tents. Just not sure whether would use it enough as my other half is not that keen either. Love your piccie x

  2. mummywalker

    Lovely picture and a lovely story to go with it. I have never been camping yet. My husband couldn’t believe it when I told him. He hasn’t managed to convince me yet. You may have sold it to me. Maybe x

  3. mutteringsofafool

    I too am a fan of a night under canvas, the OH and I had made a habit of going to Devon every so often for a weekend camping, but havent really wanted to face it with a dog also. Think the tent would be dead very quickly! Love the photo

  4. Jacq

    I’m willing to give camping a go, and I think the kids would love it but DH is Not Keen. I not sure I could camp with 4 kids on my own though, maybe when they are older with a pre-erected tent?

  5. securiously

    I love that story! And that is why camping is my worst nightmare and I will not do it! Although, I realise that now I have a baby, and a *boy* no less, I will have to do it sooner or later. Can you take a double bed with you?

    Gorgeous photo!

  6. Amy

    My other half is employing delay tactics. We have yet to find out if he will indeed enjoy camping. I obviously have to drag him first. As it is we have to buy house, move house, decorate house and potentially wait until the kids will pay for themselves before we end up going.

    Be that as it may I am buying a bell tent next summer to put in the loft of my new house where it may rest for some time. But at least I could imagine I could pitch up at a moments notice.

  7. Parklover

    I love this post. Me and my nearly 4 year old are desperate to go camping. My husband refuses point blank, so we’re planning to go on our own (in the week for a couple of days, whilst he’s at work.) I used to hate the thought of it, but I can see it through her eyes, and I’m really excited about it. I also think it’s because I’ve been spending so much time with her outdoors recently, travelling around more locally and realising just how beautiful so many places in the UK are.
    I will take your tips on working on him 😉 I think it make take a yurt or something, but I will succeed…

  8. Mum of Aspie in the Family

    Love the photo. We used to go camping a lot and had some ‘fun’ times but since we had the extreme weather in the last few years, we got fed up of being wet and cold!

  9. SAHMlovingit

    Ooooh I *love* the new look blog honey. Hope you’re feeling better.
    Great simple pic and a lovely story too. I wish I could persuade my OH to go camping the miserable bugger! x

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