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I’ve been tagged again (I feel so popular). This time, I’ve been tagged by Lisa, her blog is called ‘We don’t eat anything with a face‘ it’s full of great vegetarian food recipes and I urge you to check it out by clicking here, meat-eater or not. Or check out her ‘Fill the blanks’ here. The idea is to fill in the blanks, after the statements (in bold). So here goes….

I am…. A mother.  A good friend. A working parent. A talker. I am interested, in all sorts of things, small stuff, details, people, places, buildings. Sometimes, I’m shy and lost for words.
The bravest thing I’ve ever done…what is brave? Climbed a mountain on the end of rope.  Trekked through obscure bits of the Himalayas.  Quit everything and went to Africa on my own. Cycled round Ireland on an old bike with only two Van Morrison tapes for company. Fought an organisation bigger than me and won. Brought another human being into the world. These things didn’t feel brave at the time, they were just the right thing to do.
I feel prettiest when…. I’ve had my hair cut. The same person has cut my hair for years. As I drop into the chair at the hairdressers I say the same “make me beautiful” and he usually snorts in response, but he does. Then I go home and wash it myself….
Something that keeps me awake at night…. my head, it whirls with stuff and I wish, on those occasions, I could find the off button.
My favourite meal is…. vegetarian toad in the hole. Simple pleasures.
The way to my heart is…. humour and intelligence, loyalty and generosity of spirit and I promise I will return the favour in spades. Most definitely, the ability to talk for England.
I would like to be…. an air hostess?? I think I would like to be someone with more time.

Now fill in your own blanks…..
I am…
The bravest thing I’ve ever done…
I feel prettiest…
Something that keeps me awake at night…
My favourite meal is…
The way to my heart is…
I would like to be…


  1. Rebecca

    The most amazing things you’ve ever done are Absolutely amazing. All of them! Trekked through obscure bits of the Himalayas – Fantastic! You must have some brilliant photographs.

  2. Hannah

    Your brave reasons are amazing. I would love to do all of that. I’ve brought a person into the world – just got all that travelling to go!

    And yay for talking for England… it’s a trait I am proud of 🙂 x

  3. Jenny paulin

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog xx
    Wow! You are amazing to have done those things and although they may not have seemed it to you at the time, they were very brave things to have done.
    I know what you mean about the hairdressers too, I love going there and having my hair pampered with 🙂

  4. podgypixiejo

    Awesome stuff! I love the idea of taking off on a bike with just some music, what a fabulous thing to do! Veggie Toad In The Hole is among my favourite meals too, you have fabulous taste 🙂 x

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