A couple of Sunday’s ago it was raining (again),  so for something to do we decided to visit Eureka! the National Children’s Museum, which you can find more about by clicking here.

It’s a great interactive museum. My son’s favourite bit was the ‘Me and My Body’ section in which the child is very much part of experience. There were opportunities for him to get weighed and check his height, measure his stride, and stick his arm up a big nose. This caught my eye;

How are you feeling today? 

There were 3 more expressions; ‘Sad, Puzzled and Worried’. I very much like the idea of encouraging children to explore  and express how they feel.  The museum provided a ‘passport’ for each child to record their details and the above are stamps they could add to their ‘passport’ to reflect their feelings – my son chose ‘Excited’.

Life is sometimes cruel/sad/puzzling/worrying, but mostly it is wonderful/happy/exciting/amazing.
Cheesey? Maybe. Perhaps I am just a big lump of cheddar, but it works for me.



  1. Beckickles

    I bloody love Eureka!

    Great post, so different to what everyone else is posting. There’s some variety this week too! Brill idea and good on you for spreading the Eureka! word.

    Where abouts are you based? Are you a northern lass then, I assume you live near Halifax?

    Becca x

  2. Alexander Residence

    Not cheesy. I love it. I have to visit!
    In fact we had to choose from four local primaries for my daughter in Sept, all much of a muchness, but we were sold on one that had a huge display about different emotions.
    I wonder if you can buy something like these too, for home?

  3. Liska

    I was so hoping it was in London…. I’m exhibiting a “sad” expression now xx

    The museum is based in Halifax, West Yorkshire in the North of England and features over 400 interactive exhibits which inspire children aged 0-11 to learn about themselves and the world around them through imagination, play and discovery.

  4. Kate Collings

    Ooh can’t wait till Youngling is a bit older (he turns 2 next weekend) then I can take him there sounds fab fun 🙂 I would need the tired expression, stressed out by Youngling expression and sometimes a squiggle expression to show I’m too drunk on 2 glasses of wine expression 😉 xx

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