Sofa Cinema – February

Welcome to my sofa cinema; February. I was really pleased with the positive feedback and comments on January’s post so many thanks.

I love my DVD’s, however, this month I did make it to the ‘actual’ cinema. Generally, this isn’t about the current “must see film” at the local multiplex. This is a once a month post about the films I’ve seen. Don’t expect in-depth plot analysis or character debate, these are my humble opinions. I really do appreciate comments and recommendations.

This month I have seen:

Soul Boy
Set in the 70’s, it depicts a young boy, Joe and his new found love of Soul via the famous Wigan Casino. Subtlety played, I loved the 70’s fashion and references. Some great characters and good story. It’s British, it features soul music – whats not to like?

This was my trip to the ‘actual’ cinema. I took Noo to see his first big screen film. I chose a Disney as I have strong childhood memories of seeing Disney films at the local Odeon. I was concerned that at 3, Noo was possibly too young. He didn’t sit still, but at times was completely caught up in it, dancing along to the songs. At other times he just enjoyed the experience of swapping seats and eating chocolate in the dark. It’s the story of Rapunzel with a Disney twist; humorous horse who saves the day and songs. We saw it in 2D, it is available in 3D, visually there are some great moments which in 3D must look stunning. It’s not as entertaining as, for example, Toy Story. We both enjoyed it and made it through to the end and I had a little cry, everything I’d want from a Disney.

Social Network
About creation of the social networking site Facebook and computer genius behind it; Mark Zukerberg. I had been very keen to see this but, as usual, didn’t make it to the cinema.
I thought the young cast were excellent. It makes computer geeks and litigation entertaining. Mr Noo, who has no interest in social networking and very little interest in computers, thoroughly enjoyed it and I would very much recommend it.

We are revisiting this trilogy. For anyone whose not familiar with the Godfather it is a (very long) film about the American mafia. It’s a trilogy and this month we watched the first part.
It centres on the Coreleone Family and the respect and responsibility of being part of the mafia ‘family’. The ‘family’ can be generous, violent and cruel. Step out of line and no one is spared.
Very much about close family, family ties and the roles and expectations.
Impressive crowd scenes with great period detail, it’s definitely a saga. Marlone Brando plays the iconic Godfather and Al Pacino his son Michael. Violent but not too explicit. Easy to see how it won 3 Oscars, but pack snacks, it lasts for hours.

Certified Copy
Juliette Binoche stars in this film which features, English, French and Italian and so includes subtitles. She won a Cannes Best Actress for this, which is what drew me to the film. Juliette plays opposite William Shimell, an opera singer rather than an actor. In this he plays an author who has written about book about the value of the copy versus the original. Juliette’s character invites him to meet with her, they get mistaken for a couple and so begin to role play being an ‘actual’ couple.
We knew very little about the film and found it a bit confusing, I think it was trying to be a bit ‘post modern’ and a bit clever with themes so possibly beyond my mental capabilities on a Friday evening. It was amusing but I didn’t really rate it.

Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan. I love a bit of Pierce, I think he was awon Bond, I loved him in Mamma Mia and if you like a bit of Pierce I recommend The Madator. Anyhow, I digress. This is a thriller in which Pierce plays an ex-Prime Minister who employs Ewan McGregor to ‘ghost’ write his memoirs. There seem to be some Tony Blair type parallels, 10 years on office, Iraq and controversy. This has some good moments and works as a thriller, Pierce is good, I liked Ewan’s character but, for me it was flawed and both Mr Noo and I found it disappointing.

My film of this month could easily be Social Network but it’s a big film with millions behind it. So my favourite this month is Soul Boy (Support British Film).

What have you seen? what would you recommend? Do you agree with me? I’d love to read your comments.


  1. Amy

    I really liked Social Network too. Amazing story but kind of made me relieved I will never come up with something like that because emotionally you go through the wringer with everyone wanting a bit of the action. Groundbreaking that I didn’t find Justin Timberlake at all attractive in this. Very good acting 😉

  2. SAHMlovingit

    Thanks Gemma. Will have to check Soul Boy out.

    I *loved* Social Network and so did hubby who doesn’t do social networking at all and has never had a Facebook account. Have you seen Cat Fish? That’s a good companion to Social Network.


  3. tamsyn

    shameful, i know, but i must confess i have only seen one of the above ‘the godfather’. i am going to go and watch ALL the others now, AND cat fish…sounds interesting SAHM!

    speak soon guys, tamsyn xxx

  4. Don't Step On the Cracks

    oh dear. The only one I’ve seen is Tangled with the 3yo at the cinema. Even worse that’s the last film I watched. At least it was a goodie and I too always like a little weep at the end! We saw it in 3D which I was sceptical of but it was pretty impressive. There was one bit with a butterfly flying out of the screen where th 3yo actually tried to catch it with her hands – bless her! She said ‘Mummy it’s magic!’ in absolute wonder when she put the glasses on. Love those moments. I will now have to get on to the Social Network or add it to the list of things to watch at any rate!

  5. Claire Bennett

    Great post and has reminded me that I need to revist the Godfather series again. So glad that our 4 children are growing up now as this means we can avoid kids movies like ‘Tangled’. I think we did our fair share when they were younger (Toy Story and It’s a Bugs Life!).

    Really enjoyed The Social Network and also enjoyed managed not one but two trips to cinema with friends to see The Kings Speech (fantastic) and Black Swan (very good but creepy!)

  6. Claire, Cheshire Mum

    I loved Tangled. Have also seen Yogi Bear at cinema this month, it’s just ok, 2.5 out of 5. Social network on my to watch list shall add Soul Boy. Have you seen Dinner Rush? Not that well known but a great use of viewing time!

  7. Vicky

    I love the idea of the sofa cinema because I belong to Lovefilm and I am always wondering what to watch so I will look at some of the ones you suggest. The Social Network was really entertaining. My current favourite is Mad Men – I am still only on series 3.

  8. Mama-andmore

    Thought Social Network was brilliant, v clever especially as the writers weren’t able to get a peep put of the real Mark Zukerberg so it’s effectively all made up! Hubby and I disagree on the Oscar noms though, I thought Kings Speech was brilliant over SN. Can’t fault gorgeous Colin! Black Swan was amazing, although hard to say I liked it as was on edge of my seat the whole time. 127 hours also extremely good and gripping. Haven’t seen Tangled, but as it wasn’t up for a BAFTA (hubby votes on the panel hence we get all the DVDs, I WISH we went to the cinema that much!) we didn’t get it sent. Must check out Soul Boy. My fave is L’Appartement, French thriller with gorgeous Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci. Great post! X

    1. helloitsgemma

      How nice to get the DVD’s at home before everyone else.
      Heard so much about Black Swan very keen to see it. 127 I don’t fancy due to arm severing!
      Thanks for the French Thriller recommendation – love French cinema – will check out.

  9. Becks Reay

    I also really love film. I love the cinema especially but haven’t found the time to go much the last few months. I’ve been wanting to blog about the films I’ve seen too but I’m still getting used to blogging and haven’t quite managed to hone my writing skills. Your pages are great and have given me some inspiration to try harder on my film page. I really liked Tangled btw. It was exactly as Disney should be and my 3 yr old daughter loved it too. And I loved Four Lions. SO funny but incredibly serious beneath the humour, particularly when they were discussing the plan in front of their son. I hyped it up too much for my husband though so he was disappointed.

    I’ll look forward to all your other months too x

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