Notice anything different about me?

Do you notice anything different about me? Have I changed? The blog had little make over a few weeks ago with a change of template and header. But actually, I’ve been on a course. I’m at blogging school.
Erica over at the (rather impressive) blog Little Mummy – find it by clicking here – amongst many other interesting and varied posts, provides a free e-course on blogging. Essentially, ‘mummy’ blogging but it could apply to other types of blogs. Can I recommend it? Yes (and trust me this is not a sponsored post).
I’m writing this post is because I’ve found it really useful and (as I tell my 3 year old) it’s good to share.

E-course is simply information delivered over the internet, in this case in weekly emails. Erica sends a chatty, accessible email once a week. The emails cover the basics from setting up and initial posting. Through to less obvious stuff like ‘blog etiquette and commenting’. I found the information on sourcing photographs invaluable and it gave me the confidence to use other people’s photographs, previously I’d been extremely wary of using images not my own. Here’s one I prepared earlier;

here's one I prepared earlier

Photo credit: Pesky Library @ Flickr

Erica is an experienced and respected blogger it’s good to learn about promotion and marketing from someone who knows. I am not particularly technically savvy and without this course I would have had no idea how to register with google.
Currently, I am on the intermedia phase (get me!). I’ve been looking at stats. As someone who checks her stats weekly 15 times a day in a relaxed manner I’ve found it fascinating to work out how what statistical information is out there if you know where to look (this kind of information in my hands may not be a good thing).

For me, it’s been very worthwhile. The course has confirmed things I already knew, given me new ideas and explained stuff I really didn’t know existed (which has occasionally caused me stare blankly at the screen – ie. Traffic source overview – but I geddit now). Blogging isn’t just ‘sticking words on the internet’ there is a lot more to learn and very much worth it.


  1. Kate Collings

    Great post Gemma, thanks for sharing. I have found Ericas course helpful too. I wish I could sign up to her new course but with Doo being made redundant I can’t even afford £9.99 a month. #hangsheadinshame keep up the good work 🙂 and keep sharing 😉 xx

  2. Mummy Beadzoid

    Meant to comment on the new look! Tis most snazzy!

    I’m getting that course too – tis indeed fab for a bit of a novice. Already got plans to action some of it and contemplating a move to self-hosted.

    Would LOVE to do the paid course if my incoming didn’t pretty much match the outgoing. Bah! x

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