A short post about protecting children

The terrible situation in Japan continues to dominate the news. However, a news story has broken today that concerns every parent. An investigation led by the UK’s National Centre for Child Protection has ‘smashed’ a large global paedophile network (link to the story is here)

It is just not about child sex tourism and paedophiles traveling to poorer countries and exploiting children already vulnerable because they live in poverty. It is also about children in the UK being exploited and abused by people they know, people who are in positions of trust.

The scale of todays story is shocking but also the roles of those arrested; youth leaders, teachers and police officers. The threat of sexual abuse to children is less from a paedophile living in the community, although the media make much of our need for access to information on where people are living. The threat is from people in positions of trust, people you know, not strangers. It is a desperate fact that many paedophiles recognise their sexual interest in children and make career choices based on that and make relationships within families and with families in order to access children. Children are groomed and trust their abusers in a process that takes time.

The NSPCC provide excellent information and there is a link here to their page from which you can download a leaflet, they say it much better than I ever could and it’s information that every parent should read.

To quote the NSPCC

“Most important of all
Teach your child they have the right to refuse to do anything they feel is wrong or that frightens them. Stress that they should not hesitate to tell you or another adult if something happens that they don’t like.”

From the NSPCC leaflet Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse a guide for parents and carers

Of course it is important that children do develop trusting relationships with adults and to remember that an abuser is not around every corner and most children grow up safely, but as parents we should have the knowledge in order to equip our children and do our upmost to protect them.


  1. ghostwritermummy

    Thanks for this. I did hear about this on the news but haven’t been to the NSPCC website, so will take a look. We have always made sure that E knows her body is private and nobody should touch it etc, I hope that she knows she can say no and she can talk to us if anything like this ever happened. Its such an awful, awful piece of news.

  2. Mummy Beadzoid

    Dreadful. A parents worst nightmare and seemingly so widespread. Teachers, nursery workers, scout leaders – these are all people we rely on and trust to keep our children safe. So tragic and sickening, but thankyou for posting this. Also going to check out the NSPCC link xX

  3. SAHMlovingit

    Thanks for posting this Gemma. It’s something that’s so sickening and worries me greatly but I’m glad of the advice here and from the link you’ve provided. I was just reading about one of the guys who had almost 300 level 5 images and he’s only got 2 years in prison. I don’t have much faith in our legal system sadly 🙁 xx

  4. Mum of Aspergers, family life and me

    Thankyou for posting this. About a year ago we had a massive shock in our community when a local teacher was arrested for possessing bad pictures. Will check out the NSPCC link.

  5. podgypixiejo

    A brilliant post Gemma. Such an awful story, so glad they’ve caught them! so true what you say though, I hope I can teach my girls that trust is something that everybody has to earn from them, that they have to decide for themselves who they should trust.
    Good link, thankyou x

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