Nice things happen

I have been given the Liebster blog award – thrice! Like – Hello Me!!! To say I am a little over excited and have a warm fuzzy feeling is an understatement, it also means that I get to harp on about some of the blogs I really like.

Firstly, I was given the Liebster Blog award by Tiddlyompompom, click here to pop over to her blog Where the Brass Bands Play.  Hers is one of the first blogs I discovered that I properly fell in love with and admired. It’s clever and imaginative and creative and there are lots of wonderful things to discover (I am a bit obsessed) so to receive an award from her is a ‘big‘ thing.

Then imagine my surprise to discover the following day Bibsey Blogging about Life After Birth also gave me the same award.  Where as lots of many readers may know Tiddlyompompom, Bibsey is lesser known and relatively new. Living in Spain, she is very funny, very honest and has a sort of fabulous streak that I immediately warmed to. She also has loads going on so go and have root around for yourself.

The very next day… Emma at Scandinavian Sojourn gives me the same award. How good do I feel?
Very good, because Emma’s is another of my favourite blogs. Emma is an English woman living in Denmark. Emma takes beautiful photographs and the blog has wonderful shots of Denmark, which makes me want to visit. However, Emma also writes great posts about her experiences of life in Denmark, I particularly liked her post about swimming and Scandinavian pre-pool expectations, not for the shy!

I know I’ve gone a bit gushy but I feel a bit girls wins Oscar-ish! (prone to over reacting? me?)
I really am touched that bloggers that I genuinely admire gave me the Liebster award. Now this is what happens next;

1.Create a post using the above Liebster blog image (it took me flipping ages to get that little heart to appear but I am sure most people are more technical than me)

2.Link back to the person who nominated them to accept the award (done, and you MUST pop back – really you must and check both Tiddlyompompom, Bibsey and Emma out)

3. Choose and notify 3-5 of your favourite blogs who you would like to pass the award on to (ideally new or lesser-know blogs) and link to these in the post (this the hard part – so many to choose).

*dramatic deep breath*

No More Disco

The name it’s self is great, that’s before we start.  This is Amy’s blog, she lives by the sea and she is creative and clever especially with crochet, her photos are wonderful.  She has good ethics and her posts are simply about life and creating, it’s a joy.

Flora blogs about holidays and getaways, it’s full of ideas.  Posts about travel and places. Places she’s been, places she’s thought about, all from the family angle. It’s inspirational and beautifully written.  I am a bit of stalker in the style of an obsessive fan.  Stands out amongst blogs.

This is SO difficult!

I’ve chosen these two blogs because they are both have fabulous photographs, are eclectic and have a bit of cool style thing going on. I say no more:

Gathering up Marbles (it’s a tumblr blog)  and

I’ve stuck with six because this is killing me trying to choose.

Next up is Miss Behaving Witty, well written, fast paced and interesting. I would be ‘raving’ about her blog at the best of times. However, at the moment it is particularly pertinent because Miss Behaving lives in Japan.

Finally, I’m giving a nod to Northern Mum (I know; she’s well known, she’s not exactly a newbie and she may not even display the award and carry this forward but that’s why I love her).  She’s edgy and very funny.  She was also the first twitter/blogger I met in the real world and one day we will drink wine together.

Go forth and feel the blog love. X


  1. Mother0fPurl

    Well done you for all those awards- they are well deserved. I am blushing because you think my blog is ‘cool’. I don’t think anything I’ve ever done in my life before has ever been described as cool! Will pass on the award when i get a mo x

  2. Miss Behaving

    You’re too kind my love! Thanks everso for the mention and I hope a couple of weeks will out will fully restore my mojo and I’ll be dashing out the blocks. xxx

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