Why I’m Marching

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a demonstration I attended outside my local council, which rose from my concerns about budget cuts.

The project I work for is facing a 90% cut to it’s funding (I blogged about it here).
People will lose their jobs and vulnerable people will lose a vital support service.
Because of the impact on our project, in the last couple of weeks I have met with City Councillors and David Blunkett MP as part of my working role.  I have also listened to the Director of Public Health for the city I live in speak.

All of them offered a depressing picture and all had serious concerns about the nature of the Spending Review.

My City Council has to save £83 million in the next financial year and a total of £200 + million over the next 3 years. I know there’s a deficit and I know it has to be addressed. However, an analogy someone shared with me was, ‘like taking out a 25 year mortgage, and expecting it all to be paid back in the first 3 years’.

This money will be saved via cuts in public services, services that support vulnerable people, older people, children. Google Sure Start Centre Cuts’ and you will find article after article about cuts to vital services for children. Click here for an article from Community Care magazine.

Then I found what the Wood Craft Folk are up to on March 26th. They are Marching at the TUC rally (click here).

I quoted Vicky of Little Legends: ‘I wanted to change the world but I couldn’t find a babysitter’, I’m sure Vicky won’t mind that I have now decided: Sod that! I’m with the Woodcraft folk. On Saturday my son and I and a good friend and her daughter are having a day trip to London (300 mile round trip). On the 26th of March we will be Marching for the Alternative. TUC rally through Central London (click here for details) we want to be part of it and we want to raise our concerns about the impact these cuts will have on public services and ultimately on all of us.

*gets off soap box*


  1. Mother0fPurl

    It’s so utterly depressing isn’t it. My area of work is also being drastically cut (I’m a child protection social worker, sshhh!) and i just can’t believe all the vital services that are being cut. Good on you joining the march and well done the Woodcraft Folk- I think they are a fabulous organisation and would have really wanted F to go if they had a local group here- they are very active where we used to live in Brighton x

  2. Elsie

    Good for you! Anyone that gets off their arse to show their opposition is amazing in my book. I also think it sets a good example to our kids.
    Vive Le Revolution x

  3. ghostwritermummy

    I think its fabulous what you are doing. Its so depressing with all the cuts and the effects it will have on so many vulnerable people. I know a lot of the parents at my school will be really badly affected. Good for you, standing up for those who can’t always do it themselves

  4. Claire

    This is good to read. Yesterday I made the mistake of looking at the Guardian’s CiF page of idiots in response to an article about students occupying Trafalgar Square who are ‘inspired by’ events in Egypt. So many comments saying there’s no comparison, how dare they compare themselves etc etc when of course they’re not (I hope!). Not to mention all the comments about lazy nurses (we can all quote anecdotes about inadequate service from public and private sectors – doesn’t mean it’s all like that) and bloated public sector, and how it’s impossible to sack anyone in the public sector these days blah blah blah. Not to mention the vitriol and downright rudeness. And anti-democracy ‘smash and break the unions’ ‘make them illegal’. Depressing and did nothing for my blood pressure.

    Hopefully Saturday will be sunny, positive and peaceful.
    See you there!

  5. Mummy Beadzoid

    Good on you for marching. Your passion and dedication is inspirational.

    I can’t believe you’re losing 90% of your budget – that is beyond disgraceful. I really hope that the march prompts them to re-evaluate the injustice of the cuts – especially seeing as how we have another budget where it’s all lip service about making big business, the banks and the wealthy pay their fair share. I wouldn’t hold your breath, but you never know. This government have been known to u-turn on quite a few occasions!!!!! x

  6. dichotomyof

    Yay! This is brilliant – I’m going too and taking Zeph and Ida – I’ve heard about so many types of people who are going. (My G’ma’s coffee morning have hired a minibus and are going – I fear for London) I know exactly how you feel about the possible impact but just the act of standing up and saying “I don’t think this is right” makes me feel optimistic. Is this foolish?

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