Reasons to be Cheerful 1, 2, 3…..

Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3 (or maybe more)

It’s been sunny for the last few days and after 2 (frankly) ‘crap’ days at work I had 2 days off and they turned out to be spirit lifting days of sunshine. I was mostly in the house, tackling moths under the bed and doing all those little jobs that build up and never seem to get done, they just exist and niggle.

This is my childhood bear; victim of a full-scale moth attack, he may look fine but he was crumbling away in my hands and is now sadly retired to the dust bin. I know this may not seem like an obvious Reason to be Cheerful, but it was the thing that made me tackle the moths and hopefully nothing else will suffer his fate. He looked so awful, I’m sorry to say I laughed out loud. I am so happy to have actually sorted ‘stuff’ out and it’s given me a sense of achievement.

It wasn’t all fighting moths and niggles. I also got a hair cut and had a pub lunch in the sunshine with friends, a very relaxing day.

One job was buying a Gro clock in order to train my child not to get out of bed before some kind of reasonable hour. I am prepared to accept anything after 6.30 am. Last night was the first night of clock use. This morning he woke at 5 and followed protracted negotiations about not getting out of bed until the ‘sun’ on the clock came out. He finally declared “I don’t like my clock” shortly before 6.15 when the ‘sun’ came out (I’m starting reasonable and plan to extend a few minutes per night) Roll on lots more sleep (I’m possibly living in a dream world unfortunately not a sleep induced dream world).

This week I volunteered to organise a hen do. I’ve organised a few and initially I thought; why am I doing this? haven’t you got enough to do? Then I booked the Spa afternoon and then I negotiated a champagne ‘budget’ with the groom and then I *high five-ed* myself. Something good to look forward to.

This is my big Reason to be Cheerful. Tomorrow I go to London with a friend to March in the TUC demonstrations against the spending cuts. You can read why here (plug, plug). I am very excited and proud to be part of it (and the Woodcraft folk tweeted me as they are going too – a ‘celebrity’ tweet).

Today, is a very good friend’s birthday. I have chocolate cake in my fridge and we are having it for lunch.

Reasons to the cheerful – how many was that?

*high fives* all round this week.


  1. mummydichotomy

    Lovely reasons they are too. I Love that sense of achievement from doing all those things that you put off forever and ever. Ooh and a spa day for you too to look forward to. Can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to mine!

  2. seasiderinthecity

    Well done for finally joining in! Some great reasons there! Big fan of groclocks, Jacob calls it his ‘special clock’ he too sometimes hates it, but it (mostly) does it’s job 🙂

  3. kate davis-holmes

    That was loads of reasons and good ones too.
    I like the focus on friends in your post.
    Well done on kicking ass and demonstrating for what you believe in – so vital that we have our say on stuff that bothers us.
    Sun, social life, decluttering, a new image and a political activist all in one week – inspirational!
    My reasons are over at

  4. Alexander Residence

    I laughed out loud about ‘I don’t like my clock’.
    My mum used to help run Woodcraft where we grew up, fond memories. Would be at the march but we are scattering her ashes tommorrow, give it some welly, for me and my mum?
    Glad your days off went well, sounds perfect.

  5. Michelle Twin Mum

    That’s like a million reasons to be cheerful! Well done. Glad to have you on board, joining with the cheerful gang!

    Hope the march went well.

    Mich x

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