Nice things happen (Part 2)

I was awarded the Liebster blog award and I was very touched.
Since then I’ve been awarded it again (twice, I know, get me! I know I shouldn’t brag but that’s 5 times *buffs hairs wiggles hips*) I wanted to write a short post, just to acknowledge the lovely two people who awarded me; Moaning Mummy and the Grumpinator, obviously I appeal to grumpy people. Actually, they’re not as grumpy as they would have you believe so pop over their respective blogs and check out for yourself.
Open Claire’s blog and you will be greeted by photo that will warm your heart of Claire and her son. She’s been blogging for a couple of months, her style is chatty and friendly.
Lisa at Moaning Mummy has two children and 11 year old and a baby. She’s been blogging for a while, on her blog you’ll find helpful reviews and competitions, this woman knows her stuff.

Thanks Lisa and thanks Claire. Big Liebster Blog *hug* to you both.


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