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Penny at Alexander Residence has just done her first Vlog, you can see it by clicking here,  it’s about why she blogs. Penny is both honest and very eloquent and someone I’ve made a ‘connection’ with through blogging, although our blogs are very different – I find her’s creative and thoughtful while I think mine is more ranting and ‘off the cuff’.

Penny poses the question – would you Vlog?  No. While I love the sound of my own voice; the one I hear in my head, the one I hear in recordings is awful. I do post photographs of my self on my blog  but it is relatively anonymous and I tend deliberately choose photos that avoid an immediate connection, so standing in front the of the camera is not for me.

I was very interested to hear why Penny blogs and I’ve been reflecting on why I blog.  One of the reason’s I began blogging was to connect with other parents. I try to read a lot of other blogs, I enjoy taking part in community link ups for the sense of blogging community, everyone comes together under the umbrella of either meme yet the variety amongst the blogs is enormous.  I enjoy that taking part is very much about visiting the other contributors. I would say my blog reading style is fairly ‘sluttish’ I tend to hop about rather than committing to particular blogs.

Why do I blog? I work 4 days a week through financial necessity rather than being career driven.   I’m one of only two women in the organisation with small children. While I have friends with similar aged children the limited time I have outside of work to juggle family, home etc means I don’t mix with other parents as much as I’d like. Blogging gives me that connection, while I enjoy being at work, I like popping into blogs in my lunch time as it transports me away from work.

I’d thought about blogging and never did it, then stumbled across ‘mummy blogs/parent blogs’ via twitter, I read some and enjoyed the window on another parents worlds, and as Penny says blogging tends to be very honest about parenting. I often feel my parenting is squeezed under various pressures and it’s nice to discover other people experience similar. A perfect example of how blogging works for me was the post I wrote  ‘Now what do I do?’ about my son and nursery, the comments were useful, interesting, informative and simply emphasised to me how important blogging is to me the ability to connect and communicate with other parents.

An unexpected twist, is that blogging challenges me, to be creative, the write honestly. I’ve posted about things I probably wouldn’t have, like my Mother.  Blogging has given me a space to air things that are important to me. It’s encouraged me to be more creative and I  now take more photos.

My most ‘successful’ Silent Sunday

With blogging you can put it out there and those with similar experiences or a view can comment and share. I’ve been really lucky to make connections and meet up with other bloggers, this weekend I had a fabulous long lunch with Penny Alexander Residence it has been interesting to take the step beyond the screen; blog posts and twitter conversations and I feel I’ve made new friends. I’m looking forward to making further connections in beyond the ‘virtual’ connections I feel I’ve already made.

That’s me, so how is it for you?


  1. Nazima

    Nice post I am also not a stand in front of the camera person and being behind my computer screen gives me a sense of security to be more expressive than I often am in person. Thats why I like blogging. I also hop around. Quite a lot at moment as am so new to the whole thing.

    1. helloitsgemma

      thanks, Nazima. I think it’s really exciting when you first start, there is so much to discover. Really interesting it gives you security to be more expressive, thinking about it I think blogging has given me more confidence.

  2. I Heart Motherhood

    love this post and I can’t wait to meet the real you at Cybermummy (if my baby boy doesn’t put in an early appearance!) – I also tart around blogs and wish I could remember where I’ve laid comments sometimes so that when I get a response from the blogger I actually get to read it! Your post has made me think about why I blog, I might have a go at articulating it! x

  3. Alexander Residence

    I don’t think you are ranty or off the cuff or sluttish (although that description did make me laugh). You’ve encouraged me to stick to my roots and get on my soap box, a very good thing.
    What you said about work interested me, because you are so passionate about it. The grass is always greener, I did feel envious of you and Vicki’s careers on Saturday 🙂
    I am so glad we met here, there and in real life, looking forward to meeting more people at Cybermummy too.

  4. Michelle Twin Mum

    Another tart waving at you! There are so many good blogs now and such little time that you have to hop around, but I always come back to the ones where I like the people!

    Mich x

  5. Honest Mum

    Hi Gemma it was great to meet you and @Alexanderesidence on Sat. I too admire your style Gemma, you write with passion and aproduce such well structured, analytical pieces-love it!

    …@Alexanderresidence-the funny thing was I was envious you get to be at home and dedicate lots of time to your wonderful blog. I’ll take you on set one time, then I’ll pop over for a joint vlog with you-sound good! Was so super meeting you both, it really was. Look forward to the next time. Congrats to you both for your MADS nominations too. Vx

    1. helloitsgemma

      Vickie, thanks for such positive feedback. Maybe you me and Penny should all swap lives for a few days! It was so nice to meet you, I bet anyone seeing us at lunch would never believe we had only met in ‘real’ life a half hour earlier – I could have sat there all afternoon and talked – it was great.

  6. josiecjo

    I love this post! And I love all the comments that it’s triggered. Really inspirational to think that tip-tapping away at a keyboard has brought so many folk into contact with each other and the friendships it has led to – makes me think why didn’t I think of blogging sooner?!

  7. Mummy Beadzoid

    I’m definitely a member of the tart gang, hooray! Though I do try to get round a core group of blogs at least once a week, time allowing like Mich says, where I like them as people or I really like their style.

    Thought provoking post, as ever! xX

  8. janeblackmore

    *coughs loudly*


    and what about the lovely northerner you met for coffee to discuss the art of blogging?

    what about the close friendship formed through ongoing various forms of media?

    Next time we will have to do lunch….

    I for one am glad you blog

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