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I am the ‘cop out queen’, happy to accept title and wonders if it’s enough to be get me a late invitation to the Royal Wedding. I was tagged by Elsie at Babylon Lane Tales in the whats in your Fridge meme. To be honest I wasn’t going to bother as my fridge is dull, fair amount of food, nothing to suggest alcohol issues or severed limbs. Then decided to make it my Silent Sunday, which is when it was suggested that was a cop out – yes probably!

At the time of photo, luckily for me, Ocado had not long called by. Today’s fridge is embarrassing by comparison and due to financial constraints will remain on the empty side as we work our way through everything, in order to avoid the supermarket and spending money.

I hope it worked as a Silent Sunday, it was much more interesting to read other people’s reactions than list the contents of my fridge. Some comments thought it was tidy and while another thought it wasn’t. Things just get shoved in, it’s not the biggest fridge , not sure what constitutes a tidy fridge. I am sure no one is interested in a list of what was in my fridge. The only thing of interest to me is the tomato salsa and the cheese. What is just out of shot is a bowl of nachos begging for the cheese and salsa (perfect).


The petits filous is out of date and as a vegetarian the broccoli is on display to detract from the ham, which is the domain of Mr Noo. The chocolate is hidden in the door to enable under cover eating – who with children doesn’t do that?

In other news; this weekend I am going to organise my first Easter egg hunt, which I am very excited about. Mostly, because my 3 year old is unlikely to find the chocolate eggs and so I think I will be eating most of it! Am looking forward to two long weekends, but on the subject of the second weekend, am wondering if anyone will actually be watching the Royal Wedding? I saw an article in the Mirror which suggested a memorabilia and party buying frenzy, my only thought was WHO? I have my Hello Royal Wedding app, and I think that’s all I need, I shall check out the photos afterwards and enjoy the sunshine in the meantime.


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    I will definitely be watching the royal wedding from here in Jerusalem – it’s an expat thing. I know what you mean about eating your way through the store cupboards and freezer to avoid spending money at the supermarket. I thought your fridge photo was inspired for silent Sunday – great to see th epics but who needs to read a list? That’s all for one blog. Have a chocolate-filled Easter, love,rachel

  2. dichotomyof

    I’m loving looking at all these fridge posts. I don’t think I could ever inflict our fridge on the world. It would be like an episode of Life of Grime. I am very pleased to see another top shelf of jars but mine is a lot fuller..can’t really remember what’s at the back…Narnia maybe?

  3. Julia Skinner

    I have the settee seat all ready! I will be watching & having a cry I expect. I can remember shouting at the TV when Diana got out of the carriage at the Abbey ‘God! They haven’t ironed her dress. It’s awful!’ So……

    No mention of parties here thank goodness!

  4. Elaine Livingstone

    I would have watched had I won the daybreak party and £30,000 ….but I didn’t, so holds no interest to me what so ever , with the country on the state its n the money could be spent on better things that this. just the first of much money it will cost us the tax payer to keep them and subsequent off spring for the next 50 yrs ( but thats just my opinion)

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