MADs Blog Awards.


I have been nominated for the MAD blog awards, in more than one category. I am really touched to be nominated.

I admit, I have a strange relationship with my blog; I am proud of it but also embarrassed, hence no one I know reads my blog. I feel a bit ‘self obsessed’ admitting to non-bloggers I blog, it’s gone on for a while now, which has made it harder to come ‘out’. Has anyone else had this predicament?

Anyhow, I can’t and haven’t been canvassing for votes from friends and family. The nominations I have received are based purely based on my blogging peers.

I’ve read posts asking for votes and posts asking not to be voted for, I’ve read really interesting posts questioning the whole system. For me it’s a special thing to be judged positively other bloggers because that is exactly where my nominations have come from. I guess every time you post you are judged by your peers, will anyone read it? will anyone comment?

I started blogging on a bit of whim to connect and communicate with other parents as I blogged about before it’s become a vital link. I have blogged about issues I didn’t intend to when I started this blog; poverty and spending cuts. I’ve been nominated for two of my posts Guess what I love you? and Marching for the Alternative which represent the different ends of the spectrum I blog about at one end my son and the other why Government policy matters. I’ve been nominated for most inspiring blogger which I hope has come from the posts I’ve written about issues. The response to those posts alone has been inspiring. The other categories; best writer and new blog and blogger of the year – all I can say is wow! and cheers!

I really enjoy blogging and I am thrilled to receive the nominations – so thank you and yes, any further votes for me would make me happy.

Due to my limited (by much loved) fan base I imagine I may fall off the charts pretty quickly, but in the unlikely event I get to the final five I’ve told Northernmum I will go at a Banana and she said she will go as a Strawberry, together we could be a ‘trifle’ funny (geddit?).

Whatever happens, there are loads of brilliant blogs out there, all unique and great in their own way, nominated or not.



  1. Anna

    You deserve all these nominations – your writing is articulate and funny, and you come across as a genuine and kind person (which you obviously are as you’ve been helpful and kind to me since I joined this little blogging community). So go bask in your glory and hopefully we will get to see pics of you as a banana x

  2. Metajugglamum

    Absolutely and totally deserved. I love your blog, have loved it since I found you by accident a couple of months ago. It has enriched me in many ways so thank you.
    Inspiring? Yes. Definitely. Go you!

    MJM x

  3. Deer Baby

    Great attitude – everyone is a winner. I can understand it’s not always that easy to tell friends and family about your blog – I haven’t either. Congratulations on your nominations!

  4. Lucy (theprojectlab)

    I have been meaning to comment on your post since I first read it but I was on my phone. This rings SO true for me – I almost could have written it (well apart from being nominated in lots of categories šŸ™‚ ).

    None of my real life world knows about my blog (well at least I don’t think they do) apart from my husband and he doesn’t count. I was also nominated for a MAD (baby blog) and it has really surprised me, but also made me really happy. I didn’t start blogging to get an audience or accreditation but the more I do it the more it appeals. But as I am not quite ready to pimp my blog to the whole world I think I have to accept that I won’t make the shortlist. For me, at the minute having my own little world seperate to the ‘real’ one is more important to me. Next year, if I am still blogging I may feel differently and maybe I will come under one of the other categories. I haven’t nominated yet but you are certainly on my list when I do.

    Keep up the good work! šŸ™‚ Lucy x

    1. helloitsgemma

      Lucy – totally echo your sentiments. I blog to communicate and connect – being nominated is an amazing perk. The affirmation from blogging is very positive maybe slightly addictive! I’m not sure how I’d tackle ‘coming out’ and how that would impact on it being my space – something to think about. And of course – thank you x

  5. ChrisTeaAndCakes

    Yay! Go you with your nomination frenzy, you totally deserve it!

    I know how you feel re telling non-bloggers what you do and having friends and family read your blog, it’s private yet public…I dunno, like certain people can read your mind but only if they really want to find the thoughts and it’s sometimes not a good idea for those close to you to be able to do that is it?

    I look forward to pictures of you going ‘bananas’. xx

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