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My blog; my sky, my space to contemplate and share. I started blogging to connect and communicate. Reading other blogs is a window on someone else’s world, this is the window on my world, my blue sky and my light. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it’s cloudy. Blogging is a space for me but it’s very much about connections, visiting other people’s spaces, and my own space putting it out there and seeing what floats by and what comes back.

I took this photograph when I visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park I loved the angles and light. So, what is this? This is the Sky Space at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, to quote YSP:

James Turrell has created the Skyspace at YSP within the Park’s 18th-century Grade II Listed building – the deer shelter. His work does not alter the shape of the landscape or disturb the tranquillity of the site, but creates a place of contemplation and revelation, harnessing the changing light of the Yorkshire sky. The Deer Shelter Skyspace consists of a large square chamber with an aperture cut into the roof. Through this aperture the visitor is offered a heightened vision of the sky, seemingly transformed into a trompe l’oeil painting.

Cool hey? I aspire to make this a space of contemplation and revelation, it doesn’t much alter the landscape but it’s my space.

I very much recommend you visit YSP, it is a joy.


  1. ghostwritermummy

    Goodness, that is a gorgeous photo and such a fab take on the theme. I love the clean, crispness of it and the parallel edges- who knew your brain was so orderly?!

  2. Sarah

    What a lovely take on the theme. I LOVE the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, but have not been there for a few years. I need somewhere to stop near the motorway on Monday, I think you have inspired me!

  3. Mummy and the Beastie

    Absolutely fabulous picture! it’s perfect and very apt for your blog. Thanks for your lovely comment on mine, your blog was actually the first blog to stand out to me, at first because you kindly commented on my first post and secondly because of your blogging brilliance xx

  4. Alexander Residence

    You and I are on similar wavelengths this week. (Maybe cos I cheated and read yours before I wrote mine – joking but then the subconcious mind does funny stuff) But yours is arty and makes me want to go to YSP now.
    Love the picture, you can lurk in the shadows or seek blue sky.

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