Silent Sunday


  1. Metajugglamum

    Oh you’ve made me go all nostalgic! One of my favourite places to go as a child was an area of our woods which we named ‘Bluebell Dell’. It was covered in a beautiful lush grass and swathes of literally thousands of bluebells. The light would sprinkle through the trees and turn in into a place of pure magic, especially for children. We’d lie on our backs for hours among the flowers, looking up through the trees and listening to the birds. Will never forget it. I’ve never found any where I live here.
    Thank you so much for the memory 🙂

  2. SAHMlovingit

    Beautiful photo Gemma…seen bluebells a lot this week.

    Sorry I’m only just visiting now (thanks for the comment on my SS). SO behind on blogging duties. Will visit your gallery whilst I’m here too 🙂


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