Listography My Wedding re-hash

*Rubs hands with glee* a Listography at Kates Take Five that is right up my street.

Five things I’d change about my wedding.

Outfit: I would only go for a 15 ft train, 35 ft in retrospect is too long, but floor length pink sequins is a winner and well fitting Jimmy Choos matter.

Venue: I’d fly everyone to Ibiza rather than just having the bubble machine shipped in from there.

Music: I would DJ at my own wedding as you can never have enough ABBA (something many Dj’s do not appreciate) even on the beach in Ibiza at sunset.

Refreshments: I’d have a Victoria sponge and chocolate cake. Cocktails and champagne on as much as you can drink basis.

Ceremony: There is no such thing as too many Pearly Kings and Queens at a ceremony but make sure they stick with “Knees up Mother Brown” and “Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner” rather than “My Old Man’s a Dustman”.

OK, so I’ve never been married but a girl can dream.

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